Homa Bay

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Homa Bay
Homa Bay, on Winam Gulf, Lake Victoria, Kenya; View from atop Mount Homa.
Homa Bay, on Winam Gulf, Lake Victoria, Kenya; View from atop Mount Homa.
Homa Bay is located in Kenya
Homa Bay
Homa Bay
Location in Kenya
Coordinates: 0°31′S 34°27′E / 0.517°S 34.450°E / -0.517; 34.450
Country Kenya
CountyHoma Bay County
 • Total59,844[1]
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Homa Bay is a bay and town on the south shore of Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria, in western Kenya. It lies near Mount Homa (in the Luo language Got Marahuma or God Uma ["famous mountain"]) and Ruma National Park, the latter noted for Jackson's hartebeests and roan antelope (the government has also released reticulated giraffes into the park).


Homa Bay was once the District Headquarters for all of South Nyanza District, Nyanza Province, but has now been divided into at least three districts. Homa Bay is now capital of Homa Bay County as per the new constitution. The town of Homa Bay hosts a Municipal Council. The municipality has population of 59,844.[1]

Homa Bay municipality has six wards (Central, Kalanya, Kanyabala, Kanyadier/Kothidha, Katuma and Posta/Bonde). All of them belong to Rangwe Constituency, which has a total of fourteen wards. The remaining eight are located within Homa Bay County Council, the rural council of Homa Bay District.[2]


Recent archaeological excavations in Kanjera South, located on the Homa Peninsula have yielded a combination of artefacts of the Oldowan culture and well-preserved faunal remains in a sedimentary context that also allows for environmental reconstruction. The earlier findings by Louis Leakey and others include fragments of four anatomically modern humans associated with Pleistocene mammal fossils.[3]


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Coordinates: 0°31′S 34°27′E / 0.517°S 34.450°E / -0.517; 34.450