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Hombres G
Hombres G (album).jpg
Studio album by Hombres G
Released 1985
Genre Surf pop, surf rock, punk rock
Label Producciones Twins
Producer Paco Trinidad
Hombres G chronology
Hombres G
La cagaste... Burt Lancaster
(1986)La cagaste... Burt Lancaster1986
Singles from Hombres G
  1. "Devuélveme a mi chica"
    Released: 1985
  2. "Venezia"
    Released: 1985
  3. "Dejad que las niñas se acerquen a mí"
    Released: 1985

Hombres G is the debut album released by Spanish rock band Hombres G in 1985.[1][2][3]


Hombres G's original label, Lollipop, was unable to further support the band in early 1984.[4]

At that time, Ricardo Chirinos, lead singer of Pistones, told Paco Martín that Hombres G would be present at Radio España for an interview regarding one of their concerts at Rock-Ola. Paco had just established a new label, Twins, and signed a contract with the band after attending one of their concerts.[5]

Hombres G began recording their new album two weeks later at Estudios Trak. The band recorded "Venezia", a new version of the previous single, and the soon-to-be hit, "Devuélveme a mi chica". Among the album's ballads was a cover of Alice Cooper's "I Never Cry", which they named "No lloraré". They also adapted Vladimir Cosma's song "Reality" from the motion picture, La Boum, and called it "Sin ti". [6]

Twins initial release attempts weren't very successful and Pepe Escribano, a partner of Paco Martín, decided to leave the company. Weeks later, however, Hombres G broke into the mainstream and sales of the album leaped.[7]


In 2010, the following statement appeared on HombresG.Net, referring to the controversial content of the song "Matar a Castro": "If Fidel hears me, please know that I'm sorry, that even though I don't like him, I don't have an interest for his death, his or anyone's; that was a youth's naivety. - David Summers" [8]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by David Summers, except where noted.

No. Title Length
1. "Venezia" 4:33
2. "Vuelve a mí" 3:19
3. "Dejad que las niñas se acerquen a mí" 4:07
4. "Hace un año" (Mezquita Hardy, Summers) 4:02
5. "No lloraré" (Summers, Alice Cooper) 3:36
6. "Devuélveme a mi chica" 3:16
7. "Matar a Castro" 3:52
8. "Lawrence de Arabia" 2:53
9. "No te puedo besar" 3:45
10. "Sin ti" (Summers, Vladimir Cosma) 4:38


  • David Summers – vocals, bass
  • Rafa Gutiérrez – guitar
  • Daniel Mezquita – guitar
  • Javier Molina – drums


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