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Home Sheena Easton.jpg
Studio album by Sheena Easton
Released 1999
Genre Pop
Label Universal Victor
Producer Sheena Easton, Danny Jacob, Kenichi Shono, Tarō Iwashiro
Sheena Easton chronology

Home is the 14th studio album by Scottish singer, Sheena Easton, and was released in 1999 by Universal/Victor for the Japanese market only and charted at #97 in Japan. The disc consists of 4 covers and 6 tracks of new material and has pop/acoustic sound.

"Carry A Dream" was the 1st single release. It is the theme song and it coincided with the release of Marco, a Japanese animated movie that same year. A second single titled "My Treasure is You" was issued the latter part of 1999.[1]

Easton self-produced and arranged 9 tracks on the disc.

Track listings[edit]

  1. "Our House" (Graham Nash)
  2. "St. Judy's Comet" (Paul Simon)
  3. "Moon" (Jana Anderson)
  4. "Something Good" (Danny Jacob, Janis Liebhart)
  5. "Never Saw A Miracle" (Barry Mann, Curtis Montrose Stigers)
  6. "Not While I'm Around" (Stephen Sondheim)
  7. "Who Knows?" (Sally Dworsky, Scott Axiana Wilk)
  8. "Take Me Home" (John Capek, Marc Jordon, Steve Kipner)
  9. "My Treasure is You" (Tommy Snyder, Kenichi Shono)
  10. "Carry a Dream" (Linda Hennrick, Taro Iwashiro)



  • Danny Jacob (tracks: 1-8)
  • Kenichi Shono (track: 9)
  • Sheena Easton (tracks: 1-8)
  • Taro Iwashiro (track: 10)


  • Management: Harriet Wasserman
  • Emmis Management Production Coordinator: Harriet Wasserman
  • Photography: Randee St. Nicholas
  • Stylist: Gitte Meldgaard
  • Hair & Makeup: Terri Apanasewicz
  • Art work: T "Rastaman" Minegishi


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