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Home Chimes was a London magazine published between 1884 and 1894 by Richard Willoughby, and edited by F. W. Robinson.[1] Originally published as a weekly, it was published as a monthly from January 1886.

Early contributors were J.M. Barrie,[2] who contributed numerous articles, and Jerome K. Jerome, a regular contributor, whose Three Men in a Boat was serialised between 1888 and 1889, as was E. Nesbit's Man Size in Marble. Jerome had previously written a series of essays for the magazine which had been published in book form in 1886 as The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow.[3]

Other contributors included Caroline Alice Elgar, wife of Edward Elgar,[1] J. S. Fletcher and Richard Marsh, as well as Swinburne, Bret Harte, Coventry Patmore,[2] Robert Murray Gilchrist, Westland Marston and his son Philip Bourke Marston, Coulson Kernahan, William Sharp,[4] Watts-Dunton, Israel Zangwill, and Eden Phillpotts.[3]


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