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Home Grown
Home Grown band photo.jpg
Background information
OriginOrange County, California, U.S.
GenresPop punk, skate punk, alternative rock, ska punk
Years active1994–2005
LabelsLiberation, Outpost, Drive-Thru, Mutant League, Burning Heart
Associated actsNew Years Day, Limbeck, Red Panda, Paper Models, Defender
Past membersJohn Tran
Adam Lohrbach
Ian Cone
Justin Poyser
Bob Herco
Dan Hammond
Darren Reynolds

Home Grown was a North American skapunk/pop punk band formed in 1994 in Orange County, California. They released three full-length albums and several EPs before disbanding in 2005. Their music is often characterized as pop punk, lyrically favoring humor and silly or satirical subjects.

Band history[edit]


Home Grown was formed in Orange County in 1994. The original recording line-up of the band consisted of John "John E. Trash" Tran on guitar and vocals, Adam "Adumb" Lohrbach on bass guitar and vocals, Ian "Slur" Cone on guitar and backing vocals, and Bob Herco on drums. The quartet began experimenting with elements of punk rock, pop, surf and skate music, and humorous lyrics to craft their sound. They released their first album, That's Business, the following year through Liberation Records. Though rudimentary, the album established the band's presence in the prolific southern California music scene of the 1990s and included several songs that became fan favorites, such as "Surfer Girl" and "Face in the Crowd". The band played many shows in southern California and embarked on some of their first tours. In 1996, the EP Wusappaning?! was released by Swedish label Burning Heart Records.

Act Your Age and line-up changes[edit]

The band signed to major label Outpost Recordings and released its second album, Act Your Age, in 1998. It increased their popularity and they toured extensively in support of it. The album had peaked at #24 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart in 1998.[1] During this era of the band, the song "We are Dumb" appeared on the soundtracks of movies Half Baked and Homegrown.[2] Cone left the band shortly after and was replaced by Justin Poyser. This line-up released EP Phone Home in 1999, which included the punk version of aqua’s barbie girl. Later that year they toured with the band Limbeck, with whom they recorded a split EP called Connection.

In March 2000, the band embarked on a US tour with Amazing Crowns, Limbeck, Pilfers, and the Gadjits. Around this time, the band released a split EP with Limback, through Utility Records. After returning home, they began writing material for their next album.[3] Following this, the band were scheduled to go on a tour of the UK, which was ultimately cancelled.[4] Later in the year, Home Grown experienced significant line-up changes. Herco was forced to leave the group in order to undergo surgery and rehabilitation for a brain tumor. Poyser also left, leaving the band without a second guitar player. Lohrbach and Tran recruited Darren Reynolds from the band Longfellow as the new drummer, and spent some time searching for a suitable second guitarist. In addition, their label Outpost closed down and the band was without a recording contract. Eventually the band decided to continue as a trio without a second guitarist, and signed to the independent label Drive-Thru Records.

Kings of Pop[edit]

In 2002, the band released Kings of Pop, its third album which gained nationwide recognition. Shortly after its release they added second guitarist Dan Hammond and filmed music videos for the songs "You're Not Alone" and "Kiss Me, Diss Me". They performed on the Drive-Thru stage on the Warped Tour and toured extensively in support of the album. In 2004, they released the EP When it All Comes Down, a more mature effort that abandoned the humorous topics of their previous releases in favor of more emotional subject matter. The album was reissued in 2014 on 12" vinyl through Mutant League Records.

Break up[edit]

In February 2005, Lohrbach left Home Grown to join the band New Years Day. The band continued without him for a time, playing live shows with guest bass guitarist Ted Vega. Eventually, however, the members moved on to other projects. Tran started the band Red Panda with Bill Uechi of Save Ferris, Hammond joined Paper Models, and Reynolds started Defender. Herco resurfaced in 2004 playing drums with a shortlived band by the name of Ugly, out of Orange, CA. In 2006, Home Grown's official website closed down and their MySpace profile announced that they were on "indefinite hiatus". The band has not played together or recorded since October 2005.

Band members[edit]

Home Grown lineups
(only official members listed)
That's Business
Act Your Age
  • John Tran - guitar, lead vocals
  • Adam Lohrbach - bass guitar, lead vocals
  • Ian Cone - guitar, backing vocals
  • Bob Herco - drums
EP Phone Home
  • John Tran - guitar, lead vocals
  • Adam Lohrbach - bass guitar, lead vocals
  • Justin Poyser - guitar, backing vocals
  • Bob Herco - drums
Kings of Pop
  • John Tran - guitar, lead vocals
  • Adam Lohrbach - bass guitar, lead vocals
  • Darren Reynolds - drums
When it All Comes Down
  • John Tran - guitar, lead vocals
  • Adam Lohrbach - bass guitar, lead vocals
  • Dan Hammond - guitar, backing vocals
  • Darren Reynolds - drums
live shows only
  • John Tran - guitar, lead vocals
  • Dan Hammond - guitar, backing vocals
  • Ted Vega - bass
  • Darren Reynolds - drums
  • John Tran (aka John E. Trash) - guitar, lead vocals (1994–2005)
  • Adam "Adumb" Lohrbach - bass guitar, lead vocals (1994–2005)
  • Ian "Slur" Cone - guitar, backing vocals (1994–1999)
  • Bob Herco - drums (1994–2000)
  • Justin Poyser - guitar, backing vocals (1999–2000)
  • Darren Reynolds - drums (2000–2005)
  • Dan Hammond - guitar (2002–2005)



Year Title Label Format Other information
1995 That's Business Liberation Records CD/LP First album.
1998 Act Your Age Outpost Recordings CD Last album with guitarist Ian Cone and drummer Bob Herco.
2002 Kings of Pop Drive-Thru Records CD/LP Final album. First with drummer Darren Reynolds. Only release as a trio.

EPs & 7" vinyl[edit]

Year Title Label Format Other information
1994 Smoking is Cool Insta-Noise Records 7" vinyl First release. Out of print.
1996 Wusappaning?! Burning Heart/Grilled Cheese[5] EP Grilled Cheese exclusive of the North American release of Burning Heart"s European EP.
1999 EP Phone Home Outpost Recordings EP First release with guitarist Justin Poyser.
2000 Connection Utility Records EP Split with Limbeck. Last release with guitarist Justin Poyser and drummer Bob Herco.
2004 When it All Comes Down Drive-Thru Records EP Final release. Only release with guitarist Dan Hammond.

Non-album tracks[edit]

Year Album/Source Label Song(s) Other information
1996 Punk Bites Fearless Records "Will You Dance With Me"
1997 Take Warning: The Songs of Operation Ivy Glue Factory Records "Bombshell" Originally performed by Operation Ivy.
1997 The Duran Duran Tribute Album Mojo Records "Planet Earth" Originally performed by Duran Duran.
2000 Sleighed: The Other Side of Christmas Hip-O Records "Christmas Crush"
2001 Welcome to the Family Drive-Thru Records "Give it Up" (demo), "You're Not Alone" (demo) Demo versions for Kings of Pop.
2001 Living Tomorrow Today: A Benefit for Ty Cambra Asian Man Records "I Love You, Not" (demo) Demo version for Kings of Pop.
2002 Limited tour single Drive-Thru Records "I Want More" (demo) Outtake from Kings of Pop sessions. Pre-release teaser, also includes 2 album tracks.
2002 "You're Not Alone" UK CD and 7" vinyl singles Eat Sleep Records "Break Me Down", "Hope Sinks"
2004 Happy Holidays from Drive-Thru Records Drive-Thru Records "Feliz Navidad"


Music videos[edit]

Year Title Album Other information
1998 "Surfer Girl" Act Your Age
2002 "You're Not Alone" Kings of Pop
2003 "Kiss Me, Diss Me" Kings of Pop
2003 "I Love You, Not" Kings of Pop
2004 "Feliz Navidad" Happy Holidays from Drive-Thru Records

Chart positions[edit]

Year Album Billboard 200
2002 Kings of Pop 189


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