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Homeinns Hotel Group
Founded2002 (2002) in Beijing, China
Headquarters124 Caobao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
Number of locations
2,609 (as of 12/31/2014)
Area served
Key people
David Sun (CEO) Nanpeng Shen, Co-Chairman of the Board
RevenueIncrease $1.0 billion USD (2014)[1]
Number of employees
25,176 (as of 2014)[1]
Homeinns Hotel Group
Literal meaningLike Home Hotel Group
Home Inn headquarters and an Yitel Motel
Home Inn location in Shanghai

Homeinns Co., Ltd, doing business as Home Inns Group or Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc. (S: 如家酒店集团, T: 如家酒店集團, P: Rújiā Jiǔdiàn Jítuán; Nasdaq: HMIN), is a hotel chain in China.[2] It is a part of BTH Hotels and its headquarters are in the Xuhui District, Shanghai.[3][4] Its English slogan is "your home away from home."

Home Inn is the largest budget hotel chain in China, and it was the first budget chain that was established in China.[5]


Ji Qi founded the chain in 2001,[6] and it began in 2002.[4] Private equity funded the hotel chain.[7] In October 2006 it was listed on Nasdaq in the United States. IDG Ventures invested in the company, causing it to raise $109 million U.S. dollars in its 2006 Nasdaq listing.[6]

In 2007 Home Inn considered building hotels in Taiwan.[8] In October 2007 Home Inn purchased Top Star, a hotel company that had been established two years prior. The transaction netted Home Inn an additional 26 hotels. As of 2008 the company had around 250 hotels, and Home Inn, Motel 168 and Jinjiang Inn together controlled 44% of China's budget hotel market. At that time the company planned to increase the number to 1,000 and to open outlet in other Asian countries.[6] The chain acquired Motel 168 in October 2011.[4]

In December 2015 BTG Hotels (of the Beijing Tourism Group) bought the entire Home Inn chain for 11 billion renminbi (1.7 billion U.S. dollars).[9]


Brands include Home Inn (C: 如家酒店 Rújiā Jiǔdiàn), Motel 168, Yitel (C: 和颐酒店, P: Héyí Jiǔdiàn), and Fairyland Hotel (S: 云上四季连锁酒店, T: 雲上四季連鎖酒店, P: Yúnshàng Sìjì Liánsuǒ Jiǔdiàn).

Yitel is a business-oriented brand of Home Inn.[10]

Related issues[edit]

A woman was violently assaulted by a strange man in the hotel elevator and during the violence, there were no security guards or hotel staff to help. It was suspected that the hotel was related to prostitution business, that the woman was mistaken for a prostitute who had not paid protection money, and that the hotel staff did not take action to rescue her because they thought she was being given a "lesson" by the man. The police department did not register for an investigation immediately after the woman reported the issue to the police. Not until the issue became a hot research in China's social media Weibo, did people from Home Inn give any response to the issue.[11]


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