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Home Island, also known locally as Pulu Selma, is one of only two permanently inhabited islands of the 26 islands of the Southern Atoll of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, an Australian Overseas Territory in the central-eastern Indian Ocean. It is 95 hectares (230 acres) in area and contains the largest settlement of the territory, Bantam, with a population of about 500 Cocos Malay people. Local attractions include a museum covering local culture and traditions, flora and fauna, Australian naval history, and the early owners of the Cocos Keeling Islands.[1] There is also a trail leading to Oceania house which was the ancestral home of the Clunies-Ross family, the former rulers of the Cocos Keeling Islands and is over a century old.[2]


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Coordinates: 12°07′04″S 96°53′51″E / 12.1178°S 96.8975°E / -12.1178; 96.8975