Home Sweet Home Records

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Home Sweet Home Records
FounderChris Christian
Distributor(s)Benson Records, Word Records, Diadem Records
GenreContemporary Christian music, Gospel music
Country of originUnited States
LocationDallas, Texas
Official websitehttp://www.homesweethomerecords.com/

Home Sweet Home Records (also known as CC Entertainment) is a record label, based in Dallas, Texas.


Home Sweet Home was founded in 1981, in Nashville, Tennessee, by singer, songwriter and producer, Chris Christian. Since its introduction into the music industry, the label has released over one hundred projects, including many that charted on the Christian charts.[citation needed]

In the 1980s, Home Sweet Home held a prominent position in the contemporary Christian music market; releasing albums by such artists as Steve Archer, Dan Peek, Chris Christian, White Heart and others. In 1983 Home Sweet Home released what is believed to be the first ever Contemporary Christian Music Video with Steve Archer's Through His Eyes of Love.

Perhaps its most well-known artist would turn out to be Mark Heard, who released five albums with the label in the early 1980s. Christian decided to sign Heard because of his deep lyrics and on the edge music that no other Christian label would sign or release at the time. After Heard's death in 1992, the label re-issued edited versions of his albums and some unreleased material in the late 90s in the CD format.

Since 2005, Home Sweet Home has been known as CC Entertainment and YMC Records. The label also began reissuing the catalog in CDs. Its parent company, YMC Productions, is owned by Chris Smith, Savannah Smith, Casey Smith, Courtney Smith and Preston Smith.


Below are a few of the artists that have recorded on Home Sweet Home Records[citation needed]

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