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Homeplus Co., Ltd
Industry Retailing
Founded 1999[1]
Founder Clément Depierre
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Number of locations
Hypermarkets: 120
Homeplus Express: 250
Products Groceries, consumer goods,
Website www.homeplus.co.kr
Korean name
Hangul 홈플러스
Revised Romanization Hom-peul-leo-seu
McCune–Reischauer Hom-pul-le-su

Homeplus (Hangul홈플러스) is a Korean discount store retail chain with 113 branches throughout South Korea.[2] Homeplus is the second largest retailer in South Korea,[3] behind Shinsegae Group's e-mart chain. Homeplus operates both hypermarkets and its Super Express store chain, and also provides a home delivery shopping service.[4][5] Homeplus hypermarket stores typically provide home products, clothing and electronics.[6][7] It was owned by British supermarket conglomerate Tesco until 2015.[8]

In 2011, the retailer opened the world’s first virtual supermarket at Seolleung Station on Seoul Subway Line 2, where smartphone users can photograph the bar code of the life-size pictures, on the walls and platform screen doors, of 500 items of food, toiletries, electronics etc., for delivery within the same day.[9][10]

In August 2014 the company cut their profit by $0.4 billion.[11] On September 23, 2014 Homeplus was investigated for alleged data breach.[12] From September 5–10 of the same year, one of the company's outlets was on a strike during Chuseok holiday protesting not substantial wage increase.[13]

In September 2015 the company was sold to MBK Partners, a South Korean buyout firm, which partnered with the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and Singapore's Temasek Holdings in a transaction worth £4.2 billion.[8][14] It is headquartered in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea in 2015, and operates a total of 107 hypermarkets and 828 expresses nationwide.[15]

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