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Homeplus Co., Ltd
Industry Retailing
Founded 1999[1]
Founder Clément Depierre
Headquarters Cheshunt, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom, Seoul, South Korea
Number of locations
hypermarket : 120, Homeplus Express : 250
Products Groceries, consumer goods,
Owner Johnny Lim
Website www.homeplus.co.kr
Korean name
Hangul 홈플러스
Revised Romanization Hom-peul-leo-seu
McCune–Reischauer Hom-pul-le-su

Homeplus (Hangul홈플러스) is a Korean discount store retail chain formally owned by British supermarket conglomerate Tesco[2] with 113 branches throughout South Korea.[3] Homeplus is the second largest retailer in South Korea, just behind Shinsegae Group.


Homeplus operates both hypermarkets and its express format as well as a home delivery shopping service. They typically Open at 10 AM and close at 12 PM.

Homeplus hypermarket stores typically offer general home products, clothing, electronics, and sporting goods. They also usually feature a multi-story car park, large supermarkets, and small, special-purpose stores such as fast food restaurants, travel agencies, appliance-rental firms, pharmacies, and bookstores. There are also "culture centres" in some of the stores.

In 2011, the retailer opened the world’s first virtual supermarket at Seolleung Station on Seoul Subway Line 2, where smartphone users can photograph the bar code the of life-size pictures, on the walls and platform screen doors, of 500 items of food, toiletries, electronics etc., for delivery within the same day.[4][5]

In August 2014 the company have cut their profit by .4 billion dollars.[6] On September 23, 2014 Homeplus was investigated for alleged data breach.[7] From September 5–10 of the same year, one of the company's outlets was on a strike during Chuseok holiday protesting not substantial wage increase.[8]

In September 2015 the company was sold to MBK Partners, a South Korean buyout firm, which partnered with a Canadian pension fund and Singapore's Temasek Holdings in a transaction worth 4.2 billion pounds. The sale should be completed by the end of the year.[2]

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