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Home with Kids
Home with Kids VCD cover
Written byZang Li (臧里)

Zang Xi (臧希)
Lim Chun-ming (廉春明)

Xing Yusen (邢育森)
Creative director(s)Li Hong (李洪)
StarringSong Dandan
Gao Yalin
Andy Yang (first two seasons)
Ning Danlin (latter two seasons)
Zhang Yishan
You Haoran
Opening theme"Sunshine boy sunshine girl" by TG4
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Chinese
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes367
Executive producer(s)Wu Weimin

Huang Rulun
Pan Zhengping
Xu Shengheng
Luo Jiexia
Zhou Meizhen
Liu Shun Fat

Di Zhenjiang
Running time20 minutes (approx.)
Production company(s)Sky Ground People Media (天地人传媒)
Guangzhou Wei Teng investment
Original networkBeijing Television
Original release12 February 2005 (2005-02-12) – 10 November 2007 (2007-11-10)

Home with Kids (Chinese: 家有儿女; pinyin: Jiā yǒu érnǚ, literally Home with Sons and Daughters), is a sitcom/drama from Mainland China. There are 4 series of Home with Kids, i.e. Home with Kids 1, Home with Kids 2, Home with Kids 3 and Home with Kids 4, which were released respectively in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. It is considered to be an equivalent to Growing Pains, a US sitcom. Unlike most Chinese multi-camera sitcoms, Home With Kids prominently uses child actors as main roles. As a spiritual successor of China's first multi-camera sitcom, I Love My Family, the series also reunites Song Dandan and Wen Xingyu. (Also one of Wen's final roles before his death)

The series has ended with 365 half-hour episodes.


Xia Donghai, a director of children's drama who has divorced, returns from the U.S. with his young son Xia Yu (commonly known as "Xiǎo Yǔ") and daughter Xia Xue (also known as "Xiǎo Xuě") to start a family with a divorced woman Liu Mei, who has a son, Liu Xing, from her previous marriage. The five live happily in a flat in modern Beijing. The story is evolved around the family member's encounters to various issues in life and their attempts to cope/solve them, and most episodes involve the parents' attempts to act as a good example for their children and teach them know right from wrong. This family arrangement is atypical for modern Chinese families because of the one child per family policy.


The Xia Family[edit]

Xia Donghai (夏东海), portrayed by Gao Yalin, is the bespectacled father of Xia Xue and Xia Yu and stepfather of Liu Xing. As a director of children's drama, he is portrayed with a child-friendly personality of being kind, generous, humorous, and easygoing. As someone who has witnessed American education, his ways with the children involves mainly tolerance. understanding and signs of equality. He can also be quite lazy and incompetent at housework or sports. In the second season, he is fired from the spot of director and is recruited as the editor of a children's magazine.

Liu Mei (刘梅), portrayed by Song Dandan, is the mother of Liu Xing and stepmother of Xia Yu and Xia Xue. She is a director of nurses at a hospital and is in charge of the household. Being an adopter of more "traditional" ways of education, she often demonstrates a strong preference to Xia Xue, due to her outstanding school marks and many talents; also she often attempts to inflict corporal punishment on her misbehaving children (in particular her own son Liu Xing), but for most time she fails to do so. She is portrayed with a somewhat strong curiosity and slight overzealousness. Moreover, she constantly attempts to understand the three children and help them in all fashions possible.

Xia Xue (夏雪), portrayed by Andy Yang (in the first two seasons) and Ning Danlin (in the latter two seasons), is the elder daughter of Xia Donghai. She is a typical "smart girl" with excellent grades. She is confident, but also somewhat slightly arrogant, and is often the creator of the more "advanced" issues for her parents. In the first season, she distrusts her new stepmother and even tried to "scare her" by "developing" a trend for "puppy love" (which is strongly intolerated by the more "traditional" Chinese parents), but soon finds her very trustworthy. In the third season, she is depressed for not making the marks for Qinghua University, but soon overcomes the depression.

Liu Xing (刘星), portrayed by Zray Zhang, is the son of Liu Mei. He is a rather poor student (especially at chemistry), but is quite witty and tactful. The resident troublemaker of the home, he receives most of the blame from his parents. Apart from that, he is sporty (both athletic and acrobatic), chivalrous, and always filled with ideas and advice for others (both good and bad).

Xia Yu (夏雨), portrayed by You Haoran, is the younger son of Xia Donghai. Being raised in America, he is capable of speaking good English (but prefers not to when he moved to Beijing) and has knowledge to many American customs. However, this knowledge is often countered in the episodes by his cluelessness over the usage of some Chinese language features (in particular set phrases and idioms) and Chinese traditions. He follows his stepbrother Liu Xing in his exploits, and will often be the potential troublemaker after Liu Xing. As a running gag, he often proudly announces as "the handsome little oversea-Chinese" when meeting strangers.

Secondary characters[edit]

Grandpa or Yeye is Xia Donghai's father. He is interested in things that are for the common good, like saving electricity and saving water. He is a retired sports coach and is often very strict. Grandma calls him a Fascist. Named Xia Xiang.

Grandma or Laolao is Liu Mei's mother. She likes to spoil her grandchildren and spare them from any hardships and inconveniences. She dislikes Grandpa

Hu Yitong (胡一统)is the Liu Xing's hapless biological father. He often drops by unannounced, to the consternation of his ex-wife Liu Mei.

Mary or Mǎlì (玛丽) is the biological mother of Xia Xue and Xia Yu. She likes to spoil them and blames Xia Donghai and Liu Mei whenever the children are upset. It is implied that she is wealthy, as she owns a BMW and carries around expensive purses.

Feifei (菲菲) is Xia Donghai's cousin.

Shubiao "Mouse" (鼠标) is Liu Xing's good friend. His parents are especially strict. His real name is Lin Ning (林宁)

Jianpan "Keyboard" (键盘) is Liu Xing's other good friend. Named Sheng Chao.

Duoduo (朵朵) is Xia Yu's close friend.

"Erpang" (二胖) is Xia Yu's friend. His father is called in the screenplay Laogao (老高)


Planning Master planning Yang Weiguang
Zhang Linshu
Liu Min
Li Hong
Yang Ping
Li Jianhong
Publishers Wu Weimin
Huang Rulun
Pan Zhengping
Xu Shengheng
Artistic adviser Li Zhun


Li Jianhong
Zang Li
Yuan Zhenjiang
Actors Liu Mei Song Dandan
Xia Donghai Gao Yalin
Xia Xue Andy Yang
Liu Xing Zray Zhang
Xia Yu You Haoran
Xia Xiang Wen Xingyu
Hu Yitong Ma Shuliang
Fan Xiaoying Sun Guitian
Wild Boy Kyle Ma
Duoduo's father Han Tongsheng
Duoduo Yuko Duan
Erpang Zhai Zhenjing
Lin Ning Zhang Yiwen
Sheng Chao Sky Sheng
Shang Xishan Ju Yaojie
Da Jun Yin Hang
Jiaojiao Lu Yuemeng
Xue's mate in S1E10 Zhang Wenhao
Patient's relatives in S1E12 Hu Sha
Yan Jun
Teacher Wu Wu Xu
Aunt Fat Zhang Haiyan
Jiajia Wu Yi
Cameraman in S1E17 Fei Ming
Journalist in S1E17 Gao Jian
Mi Lan Chen Luyao
Chun Hua Du Ninglin
Miss Ma Hao Yang
Waihou September Zhang
Old Wu Mo Qi
Lift girl in S1E21 Zhou Lu
Little Liu Zhang Xinhua
Old Wang Luan Zuxun
Guard in S1E22 Chen Feng
Lift girl's boyfriend Xu Yaohui
Policemen in S1E22 Zhang Hao
Zhang Ke
Old Gao Zhang Jinhai
Ning's father Tian Xiaobing
Ning's mother Liu Yan
Party decorator in S1E29 Lu Dongchang
Cook in S1E29 Wang Peng
Lin Fan Guo Xu
Niu's uncle Liu Jinshan
Donghai's colleague in S1E35 Wang Zhiming
Physics teacher Zhao Yuchen
Ma Lala Chen Chuang
Ma Houpao Zhao Tieren
Boss Wang Zhang Shaorong
Cousin of the farmer in S1E44 Wang Shiyuan
Cousin in law of the farmer in S1E44 Guo Shaoxiong
Farmer in S1E44 Wang Qingyuan
Mei's friend Yang Qing
Fang Qianqian Alice Chan
Deliverer in S1E45 Yang Fengning
Mary Qi Hui
Mary's assistant Zhang Bin
Jin Gang Cao Xuefei
Jin Gang's mother Sun Mengquan
Gong Hai Li Xiaofan
Xing's victim's grandfather in S1E56 Meng Junquan
Employees of Weicai Press in S1E57 Yang Yiming
Li Xiaofeng
Lawyer in S1E58 Chu Jian
Violin teacher in S1E60 Xia Xin
Uncle Ning Zhou Mingshan
Wei Zheng Solo Wang
Yaling Ning Boyuan
Zhou Zheng Li Yonggui
Stationer in S1E65 Miao Qiang
Xing's classmates in S1E66 Chen Qingxin
You Mingyang
Old Wu's son Ning Wentong
Baiya Xia Lixin
Huanhuan Bai-Xiao Yingnan
Su Jie Chen Chen
Teacher Fang Li Ye
Teacher Yuan Wang Zhuo
Aunt Feifei Ran Qian
Feng Jiang Chao
Huang Feihong Hou Xiang
Lingling's father Bao Dazhi
Lingling's mother Jing Fengling
Lingling Liu Yuzhe
Rongrong Xin Xinuo
Xing's classmate in S1E83 Chen Yi'an
Xing's classmate in S1E85 Zhang Nong
Wu Xiaohuo
Theme song Music Lei Lei
Lyrics Yang Xuanjia
Singers TG4
Music playing China Symphony Orchestra
MIDI Ji-Ang He
Post production Wang Wei
Lin Hongjun
Art designing Zhang Hui
Art designers Li Bin
Assistant Xiang Xiaobin
Producers Yin Lianchuang
Master producers Yang Weiguang
Zhang Xiao'ai
Production director Wang Jia
Film producer Li Hong
Directors Lin Cong
Assistant director Chen Yanping
Liang Shaohua
Screenwriters S1E1-4,7,8,12,15,18,25,27,28,31,33,34,49-51,53,56,67,75,76,79-81,83 Zang Xi
S1E1-4,12,15,18,25,27,28,31,33,34,49,50,56,67,75,76,79-81,85 Zang Li
S1E3,19,20,32,47,54,57,69,70,78 Li Jianhong
S1E9,16,29,44,46,52,60-62,71,78,86 Xing Yusen
S1E17,59,73 Qiu Xiangdong
S1E6,12-14,32,36,74,83 Fei Ming
S1E24,48,52,58 Huang Gou
S1E5,10,21,22,35,42,69,77,82,84 Gao Chong
S1E7,20,41,45,53,55,63,64,72 Yang Jinfeng
S1E11,30,37,43,47,68 Huang Kezhong
S1E8,51 Hu Lu
S1E15,23 Yi Dong
S1E19,39,40 Dong Tao
S1E23 Yi Xuan
S1E26 Liu Fei
S1E38,65 Li Zongmin
S1E39,40 Du Wei
S1E41,55,72 Qu Ziyang
S1E63 Luo Jianwen
S1E66 Zhang Pingxi
S1E70,84,85 Shao Haowen
Portrait director Qi Xiaohui
Wu Yongbao
Log Liang Shaohua
Production producer Chen Yanping
Site producer Li Bingyin
Stage management Chairman Yang Ping
Assistant Li Cheng
Xiang Xiaobin
Lu Yunchao
Tian Feng
Yang Yanhui
Zhang Heng
Yi Lijun
Pan Linyi
Cameramen Zhou Haibo
Yang Dengfeng
Tang Ye
Zhang Yan
Ji Yuan
Fancy Hu Junhong
Clothing Wang Jing
Assistant Gao Tiantian
Song Dandan's Guangzhou Emao Fashion
Prop Cai Baojian
Xiang Xiaobin
Assistant Meng Xianchun
Lights Zhang Wei
Assistants Zhou Honglu
Chen Junzhou
Recording Zheng Zhi
Assistants Hui Ziqiang
Liu Sheng
Title & tail Beijing TTV Jiahua cultural transmission Co., Lmt
Site co-ordination Wang Jia
Li Cheng
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Joint production CTAA Film & Television Centre
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