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The Homegrown Player Rule is a Major League Soccer program that allows MLS teams to sign local players from their own development academies directly to MLS first team rosters. Before the creation of the rule in 2008,[1] every player entering Major League Soccer would have to be assigned through one of the existing MLS player allocation processes, such as the MLS SuperDraft.

MLS roster rules allow a team to sign players to contracts similar to Generation adidas contracts,[2] which do not count against the MLS salary budget and may earn a much higher salary than the league minimum. MLS has since removed this wording from the roster rules.[3] That means homegrown players will not count against the salary budget only if they are registered using supplemental roster slots, but will still count against the salary budget if they are registered using senior roster slots. There is, however, supplementary salary budget made by MLS only for homegrown players that are registered using senior roster slots called homegrown player funds.[4]

To place a player on its homegrown player list, making him eligible to sign as a homegrown player, players must have resided in that club's home territory and participated in the club's youth development system for at least one year, as well as meeting other unspecified league requirements.[5]

If a player on a team's homegrown list goes to college or U17, U20, and U23 United States men's national soccer teams, he remains eligible to sign as a homegrown player at any time as long as he is registered with the club as a homegrown player first.[6]

In 2014, Seattle's DeAndre Yedlin became the first MLS Homegrown player to compete in a World Cup.[7]

Current Homegrown Players in MLS[edit]

Signed as HGP Player Nation Current club 2019 Guaranteed
Compensation [8]
2017 Andrew Carleton  USA Atlanta United FC $97,400
2018 George Bello  USA Atlanta United FC $79,000
2018 Lagos Kunga  USA Atlanta United FC $73,250
2020 George Campbell  USA Atlanta United FC $n/a
2020 Tyler Wolff  USA Atlanta United FC $n/a
2017 Djordje Mihailovic  USA Chicago Fire $111,000
2019 Jeremiah Gutjahr  USA Chicago Fire $56,250
2019 Andre Reynolds II  USA Chicago Fire $64,250
2019 Gabriel Slonina  USA Chicago Fire $74,800
2020 Nicholas Slonina  USA Chicago Fire $n/a
2020 Mauricio Pineda  USA Chicago Fire $n/a
2020 Brian Gutiérrez  USA Chicago Fire $n/a
2020 Javier Casas  USA Chicago Fire $n/a
2020 Alex Monis  USA Chicago Fire $n/a
2020 Zico Bailey^  USA FC Cincinnati $n/a
2012 Kellyn Acosta^  USA Colorado Rapids $665,000
2016 Auston Trusty^  USA Colorado Rapids $124,100
2017 Kortne Ford  USA Colorado Rapids $85,000
2018 Sam Vines  USA Colorado Rapids $81,250
2018 Cole Bassett  USA Colorado Rapids $84,000
2019 Matt Hundley  USA Colorado Rapids $98,000
2019 Sebastian Anderson  USA Colorado Rapids $80,917
2020 Will Vint^  USA Colorado Rapids $n/a
2010 Jon Kempin^  USA Columbus Crew SC $71,664
2012 Matt Lampson  USA Columbus Crew SC $70,250
2013 Gyasi Zardes^  USA Columbus Crew SC $1,471,667
2014 Jordan Hamilton^  CAN Columbus Crew SC $137,659
2019 Aboubacar Keita  USA Columbus Crew SC $110,000
2020 Aidan Morris  USA Columbus Crew SC $n/a
2020 Sebatian Berhalter  USA Columbus Crew SC $n/a
2016 Chris Durkin  USA D.C. United $104,167
2019 Donovan Pines  USA D.C. United $102,000
2019 Griffin Yow  USA D.C. United $76,368
2019 Moses Nyeman  USA D.C. United $n/a
2020 Kevin Paredes  USA D.C. United $n/a
2013 Jesse Gonzalez  MEX FC Dallas $231,500
2016 Paxton Pomykal  USA FC Dallas $105,000
2017 Jesus Ferreira  USA FC Dallas $70,250
2017 Bryan Reynolds  USA FC Dallas $70,250
2017 Reggie Cannon  USA FC Dallas $80,250
2018 Brandon Servania  USA FC Dallas $211,000
2018 Thomas Roberts  USA FC Dallas $138,000
2019 Edwin Cerrillo  USA FC Dallas $100,250
2019 Dante Sealy  USA FC Dallas $108,400
2019 Ricardo Pepi  USA FC Dallas $113,000
2020 Eddie Munjoma  USA FC Dallas $n/a
2020 Tanner Tessmann  USA FC Dallas $n/a
2020 Carlos Avilez  MEX FC Dallas $n/a
2017 Memo Rodriguez  USA Houston Dynamo $82,750
2019 Erik McCue  SWE Houston Dynamo $76,250
2020 Marcelo Palomino  USA Houston Dynamo $n/a
2021 Juan Castilla  COL Houston Dynamo $n/a
2010 Juan Agudelo^  USA Inter Miami $605,000
2011 Victor Ulloa^  MEX Inter Miami $212,500
2013 Wil Trapp^  USA Inter Miami $593,746
2015 Jay Chapman^  CAN Inter Miami $138,500
2018 Grant Lillard^  USA Inter Miami $97,500
2018 David Norman Jr.^  CAN Inter Miami $58,225
2016 Danilo Acosta^  USA LA Galaxy $110,000
2018 Efrain Alvarez  USA LA Galaxy $75,606
2019 Ethan Zubak  USA LA Galaxy $78,125
2020 Eric Lopez  USA LA Galaxy $n/a
2020 Cameron Dunbar  USA LA Galaxy $n/a
2020 Jonathan Perez  USA LA Galaxy $n/a
2018 Bryce Duke^  USA Los Angeles FC $n/a
2020 Fred Emmings  LUX Minnesota United $n/a
2014 Anthony Jackson-Hamel  CAN Montreal Impact $175,000
2018 James Pantemis  CAN Montreal Impact $70,250
2019 Mathieu Choinière  CAN Montreal Impact $86,390
2019 Clément Bayiha  CAN Montreal Impact $67,125
2019 Karifa Yao  CAN Montreal Impact $60,466
2020 Jonathan Sirois  CAN Montreal Impact $n/a
2020 Tomas Giraldo  CAN Montreal Impact $n/a
2020 Keesean Ferdinand  CAN Montreal Impact $n/a
2016 Derrick Jones^  USA Nashville SC $80,900
2011 Diego Fagúndez  URU New England Revolution $205,000
2013 Scott Caldwell  USA New England Revolution $153,209
2018 Isaac Angking  USA New England Revolution $75,250
2019 Nicolas Firmino  BRA New England Revolution $71,167
2019 Justin Rennicks  USA New England Revolution $115,000
2020 Damian Rivera  USA New England Revolution $n/a
2017 James Sands  USA New York City FC $105,000
2018 Joe Scally  USA New York City FC $78,067
2019 Justin Haak  USA New York City FC $56,250
2019 Tayvon Gray  USA New York City FC $n/a
2015 Sean Davis  USA New York Red Bulls $327,500
2016 Alex Muyl  USA New York Red Bulls $127,750
2018 Ben Mines  USA New York Red Bulls $63,243
2019 Omir Fernandez  USA New York Red Bulls $95,000
2020 John Tolkin  USA New York Red Bulls $n/a
2016 Mason Stajduhar  USA Orlando City $70,875
2019 Benji Michel  USA Orlando City $116,250
2020 David Loera  USA Orlando City $n/a
2020 Jordan Bender  USA Orlando City $n/a
2018 Anthony Fontana  USA Philadelphia Union $70,260
2018 Matthew Real  USA Philadelphia Union $57,225
2018 Mark McKenzie  USA Philadelphia Union $82,225
2019 Brenden Aaronson  USA Philadelphia Union $95,809
2019 Matt Freese  USA Philadelphia Union $77,650
2020 Cole Turner  USA Philadelphia Union $n/a
2020 Jack de Vries  USA Philadelphia Union $120,556
2017 Marco Farfan  USA Portland Timbers $80,250
2018 Eryk Williamson^  USA Portland Timbers $136,500
2020 Blake Bodily  USA Portland Timbers $n/a
2014 Justen Glad  USA Real Salt Lake $345,000
2018 Aaron Herrera  USA Real Salt Lake $86,000
2018 Corey Baird  USA Real Salt Lake $70,008
2019 Julian Vazquez  MEX Real Salt Lake $66,250
2019 Luis Arriaga  USA Real Salt Lake $56,250
2019 David Ochoa  USA Real Salt Lake $70,250
2019 Erik Holt  USA Real Salt Lake $70,250
2019 Tate Schmitt  USA Real Salt Lake $70,250
2020 Milan Iloski  USA Real Salt Lake $n/a
2020 Chris Garcia  USA Real Salt Lake $n/a
2014 Tommy Thompson  USA San Jose Earthquakes $175,000
2017 Nick Lima  USA San Jose Earthquakes $218,438
2018 JT Marcinkowski  USA San Jose Earthquakes $147,000
2018 Jacob Akanyirige  USA San Jose Earthquakes $64,225
2018 Gilbert Fuentes  USA San Jose Earthquakes $92,000
2019 Cade Cowell  USA San Jose Earthquakes $67,225
2020 Casey Walls  USA San Jose Earthquakes $n/a
2020 Emi Ochoa  USA San Jose Earthquakes $n/a
2013 Harry Shipp^  USA Seattle Sounders FC $235,000
2016 Jordan Morris  USA Seattle Sounders FC $619,600
2018 Handwalla Bwana  KEN Seattle Sounders FC $57,225
2019 Trey Muse  USA Seattle Sounders FC $65,000
2019 Danny Leyva  USA Seattle Sounders FC $89,872
2019 Alfonso Ocampo-Chavez  USA Seattle Sounders FC $85,750
2020 Josh Atencio  USA Seattle Sounders FC $n/a
2020 Ethan Dobbelaere  USA Seattle Sounders FC $n/a
2020 Shandon Hopeau  USA Seattle Sounders FC $n/a
2011 Richard Sánchez^  MEX Sporting Kansas City $152,500
2016 Dániel Sallói  HUN Sporting Kansas City $144,125
2017 Gianluca Busio  USA Sporting Kansas City $90,000
2018 Jaylin Lindsey  USA Sporting Kansas City $88,000
2018 Wan Kuzain  USA Sporting Kansas City $70,875
2019 Tyler Freeman  USA Sporting Kansas City $82,750
2019 Cameron Duke  USA Sporting Kansas City $69,250
2019 Felipe Hernandez  USA Sporting Kansas City $56,250
2020 John Pulskamp  USA Sporting Kansas City $n/a
2014 Marky Delgado^  USA Toronto FC $253,000
2018 Ayo Akinola  USA Toronto FC $124,256
2018 Liam Fraser  CAN Toronto FC $75,875
2019 Noble Okello  CAN Toronto FC $68,060
2019 Jacob Shaffelburg  CAN Toronto FC $62,750
2020 Rocco Romeo  CAN Toronto FC $n/a
2020 Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty  CAN Toronto FC $n/a
2020 Jayden Nelson  CAN Toronto FC $n/a
2011 Russell Teibert  CAN Vancouver Whitecaps FC $190,000
2013 Maxime Crépeau^  CAN Vancouver Whitecaps FC $94,083
2018 Simon Colyn  CAN Vancouver Whitecaps FC $81,250
2018 Michael Baldisimo  CAN Vancouver Whitecaps FC $83,013
2019 Theo Bair  CAN Vancouver Whitecaps FC $76,250
2019 Thomas Hasal  CAN Vancouver Whitecaps FC $66,250
2019 Georges Mukumbilwa  CAN Vancouver Whitecaps FC $56,250
2020 Gianfranco Facchineri  CAN Vancouver Whitecaps FC $n/a
2020 Patrick Metcalfe  CAN Vancouver Whitecaps FC $n/a
2020 Damiano Pelice  CAN Vancouver Whitecaps FC $n/a


The following table shows the leading home grown player goal scorer by season. It also shows which club the player was with in that season, as well as the player's age at the end of that season.

Year Player (Club) Goals Age Transfer notes
2010[9] Honduras Andy Najar (D.C. United) 5 17 Transferred to Anderlecht (Belgium) in January 2013.
2011[9] United States Juan Agudelo (New York Red Bulls) 6 19
2012[9] United States Juan Agudelo (New York Red Bulls) 3 20 Transferred to Stoke City (England) in January 2014.
2013[9] Uruguay Diego Fagundez (New England Revolution) 13 18
2014[9] United States Gyasi Zardes (LA Galaxy) 14 23
2015 Uruguay Diego Fagundez (New England Revolution) 6 20
2016 United States Jordan Morris (Seattle Sounders) 12 22
2017 Canada Anthony Jackson-Hamel (Montreal Impact) 9 24
2018 United States Gyasi Zardes^ (Columbus Crew) 19 27 Traded to Columbus Crew in January 2018
2019 United States Gyasi Zardes^ (Columbus Crew) 13 28


1.^ Note a player who signed a Homegrown Player Contract with another club, but have since signed elsewhere. Their contract remains classified as a Homegrown Player Contract with Major League Soccer.[10]


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