Homelessness in Spain

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Homelessness in Spain is a significant social issue, affecting some 40,000 people[1] (0.09% of the population.) Migrants are disproportionately represented among the homeless population.[2] Young people are also highly represented among the homeless, some studies estimating that 30% of Spain's homeless are aged 18-29.[3]

Mental illness among homeless is thought to occur less frequently than the US, this may be attributed to Spain's universal healthcare system.[4] One study found high levels of substance-related disorders, but these rates were comparatively lower than US and UK samples.[5] Other researchers note that such comparative studies run the challenge of lack of prepared official definition of homelessness, as well as few well-controlled studies.[6]

in 2015, a former minister and leader of the conservative Popular Party stated that homeless people sleeping in the streets are “scaring off” tourists from Madrid.[7]


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