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Homeplus Co., Ltd
Number of locations
Homeplus Express:365
365 Plus:331
(as of the end of 2017)[2]
consumer goods
OwnerMBK Partners
Korean name
Revised RomanizationHom-peul-leo-seu
The 1st Homeplus Special stores in Daegu, Korea

Homeplus (Korean홈플러스) is a Korean discount store retail chain running about 140 branches with 25,000 employees throughout South Korea.[3] Homeplus is the second largest retailer in South Korea,[4] behind Shinsegae Group's e-mart chain.

Homeplus operates its hypermarkets, super market chain 'Homeplus Express', convenience store '365 Plus' and online shopping service. Homeplus stores offer everything from groceries to clothes and appliances.[5]

Starting in 1997 with distribution business department of Samsung C&T Corporation, Homeplus opened its first hypermarket in Daegu and its second branch in West Busan.[6] In 1999, a joint venture between Samsung C&T and worldwide British retail chain Tesco, ‘SamsungTesco’ was launched, and it has grown into the second largest retailer in Korea by taking over 33 Homever(ex-Carrefour) stores since 2008. Since then Tesco had run the Homeplus until 2015 and the private equity fund, MBK Partners, acquired the company in October 2015 and is running the business.[7]


Homever (홈에버) was a brand name of a hypermarket of E.Land Retail Limited, which is part of the E.Land Group. E.Land Group, the largest operators specializing in fashion and retail business, production and retail corporations in Korea acquired Korean operations of Carrefour in September 2006 to expand the Group's retail presence in Korea. After the acquisition, Carrefour Korea was renamed to Homever. Homever operated 36 hypermarkets with a combined sales area of approximately 112,366 pyung which translates to 371,458 sqm.

Homever was acquired by Tesco in 2008 and all Homever hypermarkets were re-branded as Homeplus.[8]

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