Homer D. Hagstrum

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Homer Dupre Hagstrum (March 11, 1915 – September 7, 1994) was an American physicist who specialized in surface physics.[1] [2] Hagstrum was a member of the National Academy of Sciences,[1][2] the chairman of Division of Electron and Atomic Physics of American Physical Society,[2] Head of Surface Physics Research at Bell Labs.[2] He was a recipient of Davisson Germer Prize[2] and Medard W. Welch Award.with British scientists. During this meeting Pearce (who wrote Science fiction stories) arranged a meeting with H. G. Wells, an internationally known science fiction writer. Pearce and Hagstrum also met with Rudy Kompfner during this trip. Since 1946 Homer specialized in Surface Physics which was an unknown sub-field of physics at that time. In 1954 Homer Hagstrum was appointed head of the Surface Physics Research Department until 1978 when he returned to his former position. He developed a metal mulripurpose vacuum chamber in 1961 that is a model for many surface physics scientists today.


[Category: American Vacuum Society Welch Award] several scientists that Hagstrum hired also won this award: D. E. Aspnes, M. J. Cardillo]