Homer Mekomi

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Homer Mekomi
Studio album by Hadag Nahash
Released 2004
Genre Hip hop/Funk
Label Anana/Hed Arzi (עננה/הד ארצי)
Hadag Nahash chronology
Homer Mekomi
Be'ezrat Ha'Jam
(2006)Be'ezrat Ha'Jam2006

Homer Mekomi (חומר מקומי) is Hadag Nahash's third studio album, released in 2004. It features "Shirat HaSticker" (The Sticker Song), the words of which are based on bumper stickers commonly found in Israel, and were devised by novelist David Grossman. It also features the first real use of English on a Hadag Nahash record, with the majority of the opener "Mithamem" being in English.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Mithamem (Hebrew: מתחמם) ("It's Heating Up")
  2. Bereishit (Hebrew: בראשית) ("In the Beginning")
  3. Shirat HaSticker (Hebrew: שירת הסטיקר) ("The Sticker Song")
  4. Halifot (Hebrew: חליפות) ("Uniforms")
  5. Johnny HaKatan (Hebrew: ג'וני הקטן) ("Little Johnny")
  6. HaKafa HaMtzaltzelet (Hebrew: הכפה המצלצלת) ("The Ringing Slap")
  7. HaPeh Lifto'ah (Hebrew: הפה לפתוח) ("The Mouth To Open")
  8. Shvita (Hebrew: שביתה) ("Strike")
  9. Muzika (Hebrew: מוסיקה) ("Music")
  10. Yatziv (Hebrew: יציב) ("Stable")
  11. Rak Po (Hebrew: רק פה) ("Only Here")
  12. Melodika (Hebrew: מלודיקה) ("Melody")
  13. Ma Na'aseh? (Hebrew: מה נעשה?) ("What Can We Do?")
  14. Ratziti SheTida (Elohim Sheli) (Hebrew: רציתי שתדע) ("I Wanted You to Know (My God)")