Homes Under the Hammer

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Homes Under the Hammer
Homes Under the Hammer titlecard
Genre Factual
Created by Melanie Eriksen
Written by Various
Directed by Various
Presented by Lucy Alexander
Martin Roberts
Marc Woodward
Jasmine Birtles
Dion Dublin
Composer(s) Michael Burdett
Richard Cottle
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 20
No. of episodes 1017 (as of 21 May 2015)
Running time 30–60 minutes
Original network BBC One
Picture format 576i 16:9 (SDTV)
1080i 16:9 (HDTV)
Original release 5 May 2003 (2003-05-05) – present
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Homes Under the Hammer is a British factual renovation and auction series that originally screened on BBC One as part of the BBC's morning television schedule, the series has been running since May 2003. It is presented by Lucy Alexander (2003–2017), Martin Roberts (2003–), and Dion Dublin (2015–), with Marc Woodward and Jasmine Birtles alternating presenting duties with Alexander and Roberts during series three (2005). The series is the BBC's most successful show in the 10.00am slot, regularly attaining a 30% market share for new episodes.

On 1 July 2016, the BBC announced that Alexander had stepped down from her role on Homes Under the Hammer,[1] though Alexander later clarified that she would continue to appear on the series for "at least another few years",[2] owing to the manner in which the series is filmed.


Each episode of the show follows three properties (or two per half-hour show) which were bought at auction, often ones that require significant refurbishment. A cross-section of properties is featured, including residential, commercial, rural and plots of land. The programme follows a set format. One of the presenters views the property prior to going up for auction, giving their opinion on it and its potential problems as well as attractive features. A local estate agent is also invited to give their opinion on the property. The auction is then shown and the final sale price finally revealed.

The buyer is then met, and during an interview with either Martin, Lucy, Dion, Mark, or Jasmine, the buyer then gives a detailed explanation of any renovation works they are going to do and how much money they expect to spend. The buyer is then left to get on with the project, with the promise that the show will re-visit the work at a later date. The programme then features another property in the same manner.

The show then returns to find out how the buyer has got on, and reminds the viewer of what the property was like prior to the auction. The results can be varied, some properties are shown fully complete, with camera shots taken in identical places "before" and "after". Other properties are shown in mid-renovation, which can give an idea of the work being done but not the final effect. Occasionally there are properties which have had no work at all done due to many factors, such as the buyer having other projects on the go or encountering hidden problems that have slowed down production.

The presenter then interviews the buyer once more, asking them if they are happy with the work so far, or indeed, with the final outcome. Lucy, Mark, Jasmine, Martin, or Dion however, are not present for this interview, though they do provide a voice-over. The buyer discusses their expenditure, etc and if they felt it was worthwhile. Their expenditure costs does not usually include buying costs. This time, two local estate agents are invited to give their opinion on the quality of work, and whether the property is now more desirable. They then give a valuation in both the market value and rental potential. The buyer is invited to give their opinion on those valuations, and asked what they intend to do with the property. Occasionally, subsequent updates are given to the viewer.

The name of the show is a slight misnomer, as commercial and industrial property also feature on the programme in addition to residential lots.


During the stages of viewing the property, or whilst interviewing the buyer, music is normally played which is related to the property, or person buying. For example, whilst viewing a house that may be expensive to repair or renovate, a song such as "Money Money Money"[3] may be heard. Or when buying a flat in a high rise building they may use "Moving on Up" by M People.[3] When potential homeowners viewed a house with yellow wallpaper, the song "Yellow" by Coldplay played.[3] If guests mention they enjoy a certain activity, the show plays a song to fit that activity. For example, in the 14 April 2010 episode, a buyer said he enjoyed surfing and they played "Surfin' Safari" by The Beach Boys.[3] During an episode aired 31 May 2011 AC/DC's "Back In Black"[3] was played during a segment with Roberts adding the voice over "We're back in Blackburn." Since the programme is not intended for release on home video formats, the music is included under a 'blanket licence agreement' and therefore viewers can hear tracks by high-profile artists such as Portishead and Massive Attack that would usually be 'unaffordable', uneconomic or simply refused to other higher budget BBC productions that are intended for home release. At the end of each programme, when the estate agents return to provide a final valuation on the property, their appearance is accompanied by a track entitled "Soul Food".

London-based composers Michael Burdett and Richard Cottle created the theme tune, stings and musical beds for Homes Under the Hammer.


Series Start date End date Episodes
1 5 May 2003 13 June 2003 30
2 3 November 2003 9 April 2004 50
3 3 January 2005 March 2005 40
4 October 2005 December 2005 40
5 June 2006 July 2006 30
6 8 January 2007 16 February 2007 20
7 30 April 2007 29 June 2007 30
8 17 September 2007 23 November 2007 20
9 7 January 2008 22 February 2008 20
10 25 February 2008 20 June 2008 20
11 30 June 2008 12 September 2008 20
12 24 November 2008 2 February 2009 30
13 9 February 2009 1 March 2010 85
14 12 April 2010 4 February 2011 80
15 7 March 2011 2 March 2012 100
16 9 April 2012 13 February 2013 80
17 11 March 2013 31 March 2014 80
18 15 April 2014 30 March 2015 60
19 13 April 2015 29 March 2016 80
20 12 April 2016 TBC TBC


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