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Homespun was an English pop/folk band formed in 2003 by Dave Rotheray, ex-songwriter and musician from the 15 million record selling band The Beautiful South. Homespun was originally a side project, designed as an outlet for Rotheray’s solo compositions.[1] Other band members were Sam Brown, Melvin Duffy, Tony Robinson, Clare Mactaggart, Gary Hammond and Alan Jones.

The band recorded three critically acclaimed albums, Homespun[2] (2003), Effortless Cool (2005) and Short Stories From East Yorkshire (2008).[3][4] On this final album, Rotheray introduced guest vocals to the format, with contributions from Eleanor McEvoy and Mary Coughlan. All the Homespun albums and singles were released on Rotheray’s own Homespun Recordings label.

The band toured the UK four times, playing mostly in folk clubs and small venues. The band split up in August 2008, with Rotheray stating his intention to pursue a solo career. All other band members are still active in music, but it is unclear whether they will ever re-unite and perform together again.[citation needed]



Homespun (2003)[edit]

Track listing

  1. Unfortunately Young
  2. Did You Ever?
  3. Don't Force Me to be Free
  4. Anniversary Rag
  5. Let Me Be Good
  6. I'm In Your Head
  7. Lonely Together
  8. Days
  9. Your Radio
  10. Footsteps
  11. Sundial

Effortless Cool (2005)[edit]

Track listing

  1. Sweetness
  2. If We're So Happy
  3. Love Will Come Around
  4. Italy
  5. Effortless Cool
  6. Rubber Duck
  7. A Minute
  8. Whistlestop Blues
  9. Cosy Island Lullaby
  10. The Reluctant Sailor
  11. If God Was A Girl
  12. You Are Here

Short Stories From East Yorkshire (2008)[edit]

Track listing

  1. Short Story
  2. My Sorrows Learned To Swim
  3. Happiness Passes
  4. Driver
  5. First People On Earth
  6. Memo To Self
  7. Magician's Daughter
  8. Yorkshire Ghost
  9. Watching
  10. Lover's Chapel
  11. Screen Goes Black
  12. Rendezvous Roulade


If We're So Happy (2005)[edit]

  1. If We're So Happy
  2. Whistlestop Blues
  3. Lonely Together

Effortless Cool (2005)[edit]

  1. Effortless Cool (single version)
  2. Unfortunately Young
  3. We Can Swing Together (live)


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