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Homestead or The Homestead may refer to:



  • Homestead (buildings), a farmhouse and adjacent outbuildings
  • Homestead (small African settlement), a cluster of several houses
  • Homestead principle, a legal concept that one can establish ownership of unowned property through its appropriation
  • Homestead Acts, several United States federal laws that gave millions of acres to farmers known as homesteaders
  • Dominion Lands Act, an 1872 Canadian federal law which presented an area of 160 acres for a fee and proving the land
  • Homestead exemption (U.S. law), a legal program to protect the value of a residence from expenses and/or forced sale arising from the death of a spouse
  • Homesteading, a lifestyle of agrarian self-sufficiency as practiced by a modern homesteader or urban homesteader



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