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A homework coach is a category of tutor whose mission is to help a student's overall academic success as opposed to providing remedial instruction in a specific subject. A parent might hire a homework coach when their child is struggling in school not because they have difficulties with the academic material but because of problems with study skills, organization, executive function skills and motivation. The goal of the coach is to teach the child to become a successful student by learning to plan assignments, organize materials, manage time effectively and, in the case of an ADHD student, learn ways to manage the symptoms of their attention deficit disorder. As such, the role of a homework coach is similar to ADHD coaching but is focused specifically on success in school. Some providers use the term "homework helper" as well as "homework coach."


A homework coach is indicated for any student whose poor performance in school or college appears to be more related to organization and study skills rather than difficulty understanding the instructional material. Such students may show signs of ADHD or Executive Function disorder. Current statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control show that as many as 11% of school children 4–17 years in age had received an ADHD diagnosis.[1] Among ADHD students, about 33% will not graduate high school with their peers,[2] which is about twice the rate of the non-ADHD student population. By hiring a homework coach, parents hope that the added support in building study skills, helping plan assign assignments, test-taking strategies and general homework monitoring will keep their children on track in school and increase their chances of graduating on time.[3]


The efficacy of homework coaching is in general measured by parents in terms of higher grades and less discord in the household over their student's homework habits. One study of 110 ADHD college students found that coaching was "highly effective in helping students improve executive functioning and related skills as measured by the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory." [4] There are also many anecdotal news stories and case studies relating how a homework coach has helped students improve their grades and self-confidence.[5] The intensity and tempo of homeworkes affect stress resistance and quite emmotsionalny state of the pupil. The correct approach to the implementation of tasks will allow to perform all tasks with maximum efficiency.[6]

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