Homfreyganj massacre

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Homfreyganj massacre
Location Andaman Islands
Date 30 January 1944
Attack type
mass murder, massacre
Deaths 44 Indian civilians
Perpetrators Imperial Japanese Army

The Homfreyganj massacre was a massacre of suspected spies during World War II in the occupied Andaman Islands.

On January 30, 1944, 44 Indian civilians, suspected of spying, were put to death by the Japanese.[1] They were all shot dead at point-blank range. The majority of the victims were members of the Indian Independence League.[2]

At the time of the massacre, the Andaman Islands were technically under Azad Hind control, although in fact, the Japanese were very much in charge. Despite the lack of practical authority, the Azad Hind government was often accused of "failing its people".[3]

This was widely considered to be the worst atrocity during the Japanese occupation of the Andaman Islands.


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