Homo magi

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Homo magi
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Justice League of America (vol. 1) #164 (March 1979)
Created by Gerry Conway (writer)
Dick Dillin (artist)
Place of origin Earth

Homo magi is a fictional sub-race of magic-using humans in the DC Universe. The Homo magi first appeared in Justice League of America #164 (March 1979), and were created by Gerry Conway and Dick Dillin.

Publication history[edit]

The Homo magi first appeared as "The Hidden Ones" in Justice League of America #164 (March 1979).[1] They are referred to as Homo magus in issue #165, and as Homo magi in #166. In the storyline, Justice League member Zatanna is searching for her mother Sindella along with her father Giovanni Zatara. The Homo magi were also featured in the pages of Secret Origins vol. 2 #27 (June 1988) written by Jean-Marc Lofficier (credited as Ehrich Weiss), Randy Lofficier, and Roy Thomas.[2]

According to the Lofficiers, their story in Secret Origins that re-told the origins of the Homo magi was revised heavily prior to publication; this is their reason for using a pseudonym.[3]

In the original plot, Nommo, a sorcerer from the Empire of Kor in Ancient Africa, (from H. Rider Haggard's "She") created the Flame of Life from the life forces gathered after the sinking of Atlantis. Nommo later fought Wotan (changed to Felix Faust by DC), unwittingly causing the destruction of Kor when he absorbed the full power of the Flame.[citation needed]

Changing his name to Doctor Mist, Nommo embarked on a breeding plan to foster the creation of a race of sorcerers known as Homo magi. As part of his centuries - spanning scheme, Dr. Mist created the various Stones of Power used by Arak, Doctor Occult (not a Homo magi), Sargon, Zatara, etc. and the Global Guardians after World War II. Zatanna is the final product of Dr. Mist's plan for a perfect mate. But Wotan (Felix Faust) returns to steal his power and take revenge.[citation needed]

In other media[edit]

  • In the Arrow episode "Eleven-Fifty-Nine", Damien Darhk reveals that the magical idol which grants him his powers was forged long ago by the Homo magi.


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