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Homology may refer to:

  • Homology (anthropology), analogy between human beliefs, practices or artifacts owing to genetic or historical connections
  • Homology (biology), any characteristic of biological organisms that is derived from a common ancestor.
    • Sequence homology, the common origin of gene, DNA, RNA, or protein sequences manifested as sequence similarity
  • Homology (chemistry), the relationship between compounds in a homologous series
  • Homology (mathematics), a procedure to associate a sequence of abelian groups or modules with a given mathematical object
  • Homology modeling, a method of protein structure prediction
  • Homology (psychology), behavioral characteristics that have common origins in either evolution or development
  • Homology (sociology), a structural 'resonance' between the different elements making up a socio-cultural whole

Homologous may refer to:

  • Homologous chromosomes, chromosomes in a biological cell that pair up (synapse) during meiosis
  • Homologous genes, DNA sequences or organs, biological features related by evolutionary ancestry; see Homology (biology) and Sequence homology
  • Homologous behaviors, behaviors typical of species that share a common ancestor that was characterized by that behavior OR behaviors in an individual that share common origins in development; see Homology (psychology)
  • Homologous desensitization, a receptor decreases its response to a signalling molecule when that agonist is in high concentration
  • Homologous recombination, genetic recombination in which nucleotide sequences are exchanged between molecules of DNA
  • Homologous series (chemistry), a series of organic compounds having different quantities of a repeated unit
  • Homologous temperature, the temperature of a material as a fraction of its absolute melting point

Homological may refer to:

Homologation may refer to:

  • Homologation, from the ancient Greek "to agree", to indicate the approval of a sanctioning body
  • Homologation (motorsport), the process in motorsports where the sanctioning body approves a racing model for official use
  • Homologation reaction is a chemical reaction which produces the next logical member of a homologous series