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Homoranthus flavescens.JPG
Homoranthus flavescens
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
(unranked): Rosids
Order: Myrtales
Family: Myrtaceae
Tribe: Chamelaucieae
Genus: Homoranthus
A.Cunn. ex Schauer
  • Enosanthes A.Cunn. ex Schauer, not validly published
  • Darwinia sect. Homoranthus (A.Cunn. ex Schauer) Kuntze
  • Darwinia sect. Schuermannia (F.Muell.) Benth.
  • Rylstonea R.T.Baker
  • Schuermannia F.Muell.

Homoranthus is a genus of shrub in the myrtle family Myrtaceae described as a genus in 1836.[2][3] The entire genus is endemic to Australia.[1] None of the species are common nor are they well-known to horticulture.

Unlike most members of Myrtaceae, the leaves are arranged opposite in this genus.

  1. Homoranthus bebo L.M.Copel.
  2. Homoranthus biflorus Craven & S.R.Jones
  3. Homoranthus binghiensis J.T.Hunter
  4. Homoranthus brevistylis L.M.Copel.
  5. Homoranthus bruhlii L.M.Copel.
  6. Homoranthus cernuus (R.T.Baker) Craven & S.R.Jones
  7. Homoranthus clarksonii L.M.Copel.
  8. Homoranthus coracinus A.R.Bean
  9. Homoranthus croftianus J.T.Hunter
  10. Homoranthus cummingii L.M.Copel.
  11. Homoranthus darwinioides (Maiden & Betche) Cheel
  12. Homoranthus decasetus Byrnes
  13. Homoranthus decumbens (Byrnes) Craven & S.R.Jones
  14. Homoranthus elusus L.M.Copel.
  15. Homoranthus flavescens A.Cunn. ex Schauer
  16. Homoranthus floydii Craven & S.R.Jones
  17. Homoranthus homoranthoides (F.Muell.) Craven & S.R.Jones
  18. Homoranthus inopinatus L.M.Copel., J.Holmes & G.Holmes
  19. Homoranthus lunatus Craven & S.R.Jones
  20. Homoranthus melanostictus Craven & S.R.Jones
  21. Homoranthus montanus Craven & S.R.Jones
  22. Homoranthus papillatus Byrnes
  23. Homoranthus porteri (C.T.White) Craven & S.R.Jones
  24. Homoranthus prolixus Craven & S.R.Jones
  25. Homoranthus thomasii (F.Muell.) Craven & S.R.Jones
  26. Homoranthus tricolor A.R.Bean
  27. Homoranthus tropicus Byrnes
  28. Homoranthus vagans L.M.Copel.
  29. Homoranthus virgatus A.Cunn. ex Schauer
  30. Homoranthus wilhelmii (F.Muell.) Cheel
  31. Homoranthus zeteticorum Craven & S.R.Jones


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