Homunculus loxodontus

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Homunculus loxodontus
Beelden in Leiden 2016 04 crop.jpg
Artist Margriet van Breevoort
Year 2016 (2016)
Location Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, Netherlands

Homunculus loxodontus is a statue by Dutch artist Margriet van Breevoort. It was made for the Leiden University Medical Center and installed in the spring of 2016.[1][2] It became popular in post-Soviet countries where it is called Ждун (Russian) / Почекун (Ukrainian) / Пачакун (Belarusian) (Zhdun/Pochekun/Pachakun, meaning “the Awaiter”).


According to the author, the sculpture symbolizes the emotions of people who wait at the doctor's office.[1]

Internet meme[edit]

In 2017 in post-Soviet countries the sculpture has become an Internet meme, in which it is edited into famous paintings, photographs, videos, and other visual media.[1][3][4]

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