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Hangul 혼천시계
Revised Romanization Honcheonsigye
McCune–Reischauer Honch'ŏnsigye

The Honcheonsigye is an astronomical clock created by Song I-yeong in 1669. It is designated as South Korean national treasure number 230.

The clock has an armillary sphere with a diameter of 40 cm. The sphere is activated by a working clock mechanism, showing the position of the universe at any given time.

The clock is owned by Korea University. It is the only remaining astronomical clock from the Joseon Dynasty.

An image of the clock's sphere is shown on the reverse of the 2007 issued 10,000 won banknotes:[1]

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  1. ^ Bank of Korea (2006-05-18). "10,000-won Notes Design Unveiled to the Public" (PDF). Retrieved 2006-12-12. Only the celestial globe part of the Armillary sphere invented by Song E-Young (Collection of Korea University Museum, National Treasure No.230) is used...