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One of the short-lived lines of Honda motorcycles is the CJ Series, which was an offshoot of the short-lived CB360. The CJ series motorbikes have inline engines, of a nominal 360cc capacity.


The Honda CJ360T was a twin cylinder four-stroke motorcycle produced from 1976-1977. Evolving from the successful CB360 Twin. The CJ360T was a less expensive version of the CB360, with a five-speed gearbox (instead of six on the CB), front drum brake rather than disc brake, a 2-into-1 exhaust and was kick-start only (the CB had electric and kick start). The 360 engine was tuned for broad range torque.

The model had a short manufacturing life from 1976–77 and did not gain market success. The poor acceptance resulted from several factors including:

  • Poor marketing on Honda's part
  • Smaller gear box (5 rather than 6 speeds)
  • Apparent lower performance than competitors' two stroke models of similar capacity, notably Yamaha RD350. However, it had the reliability and economy of a four cycle engine.

On the plus side, it had better styling with the 2-into-1 exhaust and tail piece.

The only differences between the 1976 and 1977 model years were cosmetic; the 1976 model was offered in blue and red, while the 1977 model was only offered in red and gained orange stripes along the fuel tank and rear cowl.