Honda CMX500 Rebel

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Honda CMX500 Rebel
Honda CMX500 Rebel Portray.jpg
Power35 kW (47 hp) at 8,500 rpm
Torque45 N⋅m (33 lb⋅ft) at 6,000 rpm
Transmission6-speed manual
Wheelbase1,488 mm (58.6 in)
DimensionsL: 2,188 mm (86.1 in)
W: 820 mm (32 in)
H: 1,094 mm (43.1 in)
Weight190 kg (420 lb) (wet)

The Honda CMX500 Rebel is a motorcycle produced by the Japanese company Honda. The model was presented in November 2016 in Long Beach, California, and is being sold since spring 2017.


The development was described to, according to President of Astra Honda Motor Toshiyuki Inuma, as "simple" and "raw". Modern lines with stylistic elements of the 20th century intended to shape the motorcycle.[1] The modification or customization was in the foreground. Through minimalism, changing should be easier to access and also enhance individuality.

The responsible Honda chief designer Keita Mikura describes the underlying concept as follows:

(The Motorcycle), which combines a timeless visual appearance with new, contemporary elements to create its own style: uncomplicated, practical, easy to use and to drive On the one hand, the new Honda Rebel is practically uncomplicated and, on the other hand, the bike is ready for anything the owner wants to do with it.


As a mixture of retro-look and modernity, the exterior components are kept in a classic and minimalist form, and the technical components behind them are implemented according to modernity.


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