Honda CTX1300

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Honda CTX1300
Salon de la Moto et du Scooter de Paris 2013 - Honda - CTX - 001.jpg
Manufacturer Honda
Production 2014
Predecessor Honda ST1300
Engine 1,261 cc (77.0 cu in) liquid-cooled V four four-stroke engine
Transmission shaft drive
Wheelbase 1,640 mm (65 in)[1]
Fuel capacity 19.3 L (4.2 imp gal; 5.1 US gal)

The Honda CTX1300 is a cruiser motorcycle with shaft drive and a longitudinally mounted V4 engine.


The CTX1300 succeeded the ST1300, (also called the "Pan-European" in Europe), which was discontinued after the 2012 model year. In November 2013, following deletion of the ST1300 model, Honda announced the CTX1300, which was powered by a version of the ST1300's engine modified for better fuel economy and increased torque at low RPMs.[1]

Abandoning the Pan-European bias of the ST1300, the CTX1300 reverted to a North American theme, with its half-fairing, raked-back handlebar and bagger styling.

The CTX1300 was available in standard and "De Luxe" specification, the latter having traction control, ABS and Bluetooth. The pillion passenger seat is far less sumptuous than the rider's.


Although well-received in the US,[2] European reviews of the CTX were less warm. The UK journal Motor Cycle News declared: "It’s easy to ride and manageable for such a big, heavy bike. At 338 kg it's not light, but it carries its weight low and feels easy to manoeuvre. The motor is so quiet it's sometimes hard to tell if the bike is running.The Honda CTX's styling is unconventional and brave but it isn't a serious cruiser. It does everything well, but lacks character and soul and doesn't feel very special. It’s good in so many ways but just a little bland and dull."[3]


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