Honda HSV-010 GT

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Honda HSV-010 GT
CategorySuper GT GT500
PredecessorHonda NSX-GT
SuccessorHonda NSX CONCEPT-GT
Technical specifications
Length4,675 mm (184.1 in)
Width2,000 mm (79 in)
Wheelbase2,700 mm (110 in)
Engine3.4L Honda HR10EG 3,397 cc (207.3 cu in) V8
500 PS (370 kW; 490 bhp) or more,
40.0kgm (289 lb ft; 392 Nm) or more, front mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
TransmissionRicardo 6-speed sequential manual
Weight1,100 kg (2,400 lb)
Competition history
Debut2010 Suzuka GT 300km
First win2010 Okayama GT 300km
Last win2013 JAF Grand Prix Race 1
Last event2013 JAF Grand Prix
Teams' Championships1 (2010)
Drivers' Championships1 (Takashi Kogure & Loïc Duval, 2010)

The Honda HSV-010 GT (an abbreviation for Honda Sports Velocity) is a race car manufactured by Honda[1] and designed for the Super GT racing series, where it competed from 2010 to 2013.


The HSV-010 GT of ARTA, who won the 1000km Suzuka in 2010.

On October 23, 2009, Honda officially announced the end of the mid-engine NSX-GT's participation in Super GT racing due to new Super GT regulations that allowed the use of only front engine, rear drive cars. On November 15, 2009, Honda announced that, despite withdrawing the NSX from Super GT competition, it would campaign a car for the 2010 season. Honda revealed that the car will be based on the cancelled 'New NSX' production vehicle. It is reported that although the Super GT normally requires racing vehicles to be based on production cars, the use of a production-ready car is also allowed.[2][3] The engine HR10EG was based on the 3.4L V8 HR09E engine built for Formula Nippon.

Then, on December 22, 2009, Honda announced the HSV-010 GT as the successor to the NSX Super GT in the Super GT series. Unlike typical Super GT cars, the vehicle is not based on any production vehicle that is made available to purchase by the general public. Although no road versions were built, the HSV-010 GT was superseded by the hybrid-electric Honda NSX CONCEPT-GT, as 2013 Super GT season being the final year for the vehicle.


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