Honda NSR250R

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Honda NSR250R
NSR 250 MC18 R5 Seed 005.jpg
1989 Honda NSR250R (MC18 R5k in SEED livery)
Manufacturer Honda
Production 1985–1996
Predecessor Honda NS250
Class sport bike

249 cc (15.2 cu in), liquid Cooled, two-stroke, 90° V-Twin

Crankcase Reed Valve Induction
Bore / stroke 54 mm × 54.5 mm (2.13 in × 2.15 in)
Transmission Six Speed constant mesh manual
Brakes Drilled vented discs front and rear

Front: 110/70 × 17"

Rear: 150/60 × 18"
Rake, trail 23° 15', 87mm
Wheelbase 1,345 mm (53.0 in)
Dimensions L: 1,980 mm (78 in)
W: 650 mm (26 in)
H: 1,060 mm (42 in)
Seat height 780 mm (31 in)
Fuel capacity 17.2 l (3.8 imp gal; 4.5 US gal)
Oil capacity 2.1 l (0.46 imp gal; 0.55 US gal)

The NSR250R series is the road legal variant of the Honda NSR250 two-stroke race motorcycle series. It was manufactured between 1985 and 1996.


1987 NSR250R MC16
1988 NSR250R MC18 R2
1988 NSR250R SP R4 Rothmans MC18
1989 NSR250R MC18 R5
1989 NSR250R SP MC18 R6
1990 NSR250R MC21
1990 NSR250R SP MC21
1991 NSR250R MC21
1991 NSR250SE MC21
1992 NSR250R MC21
1992 NSR250R SP MC21
1992 NSR250SP Rothmans MC21
1993 NSR250SE MC21
1994 NSR250R MC28
1994 NSR250R SP Rothmans
1994 NSR250SE MC28
1995 NSR250R SP HRC
1996 NSR250R SP Repsol
1996 NSR250SE MC28


1989 MC18 Crankshaft Assembly

MC18 R5k[edit]

The engine is a 249cc 90° V-twin liquid-cooled two-stroke with crankcase reed valve induction via twin naturally aspirated carburetors.
Bore and Stroke: 54mm × 54.5mm The gearbox is a six-speed constant mesh cassette type with multi-plate wet clutch. The MC18 crankshaft was sold as a complete assembly by Honda. Hence, individual crankshaft components were not readily available making it very difficult to rebuild the crankshafts. This crankshaft part is no longer an available part from Honda, which can make restoration of these machines difficult. However, these types of parts can often be found in the aftermarket.

MC18 R6k[edit]

The engine is the same as the R5k. The only difference is that it has a dry multi-plate clutch.


MC18 R5k[edit]

Front: Twin telescopic forks. Oil-filled damper with spring preload adjustment only.
Rear: Single rising rate shock. Pro-Link with external coil. Variable spring preload adjustment only.

MC18 R6k[edit]

Front: Twin telescopic forks. Oil-filled damper cartridge with spring preload and rebound damping adjustment.
Rear: Single rising rate rear shock. Pro-Link with external coil. Gas/oil damper with variable spring preload. Rebound and compression damping adjustment.