Honda PA50

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Honda PA50
Honda Hobbit.jpg
Honda PA50 Hobbit
Manufacturer Honda Benelux
Also called Hobbit (US)
Camino (UK & Europe)
Production 1976-1991 (UK & Europe)
1978-1983 (US)
Assembly Belgium
Class Moped
Engine 49 cc (3.0 cu in), air-cooled, two-stroke, single
Transmission Automatic clutch single-speed
Brakes Drum, front and rear

The Honda PA50 is a moped produced by Honda Benelux between 1976 and 1991. It was marketed as the Honda Hobbit in the USA and as the Honda Camino in the UK and Europe. The vehicle itself was manufactured in a factory in Belgium until 1991. Though it has mostly disappeared from the streets of the USA and the UK like most mopeds of similar type (e.g. Motobecane Mobylette and Puch Maxi), it remains very popular in Belgium, where it is often modified using high performance parts.


The following models of the Honda PA50 were produced between 1976 and 1991:

  • Honda PA50 L Camino. 49 cc. UK July 1976 to February 1978
  • Honda PA50 VL Camino. 49 cc. UK July 1976 to November 1978, September 1984 to 1986
  • Honda PA50 DX VL Camino Deluxe. 49 cc. UK June 1978 to February 1984
  • Honda PA50 DX VLS Camino Sport. 49 cc. UK April 1981 to June 1983
  • Honda PA50 DX VLM Camino Deluxe Special. 49 cc. UK February 1982 to February 1984
  • Honda PA50 VLC Camino. 49 cc. UK 1986
  • Honda PA50 VCH Camino. 49 cc. UK September 1986 to June 1991
  • Honda PA50 Hobbit I and II. 49 cc. US 1978 to 1983
L= Basic Model
M= 25 km/h
V= Variomatic (continuously variable transmission)
C= Chrome Fenders and Indicator Lights
S= Sport/Young Camino (with double saddle and cast alloy wheels)
DX= Deluxe (with double saddle)
H= 1987 model

Model varieties[edit]

  • PA50 L Camino – The first Camino model produced featuring a single-speed, automatic clutch with a conventional V-belt transmission. Features very basic electricals, with no battery or indicator lights.
  • PA50 VL Camino – A modified version of the PA 50 L to include the Variomatic transmission.
  • PA50 DX VL Camino – similar to the PA 50 VL model except for the basket fitted as standard equipment
  • PA50 DX VLS Camino Sport – Based on the Deluxe model, this features a round headlamp with separate speedometer, cast alloy wheels, a larger seat and different rear carrier, unshrouded suspension units and brighter paintwork and graphics
  • PA50 DX VLM Camino Deluxe Special – Based on the original Deluxe model, this has metallic paintwork, a round headlamp with separate speedometer and unshrouded rear suspension units.
  • PA50 VLC Camino – Based on the VL model, but with a more comprehensive electrical system, including turn signals powered by a battery.
  • PA50 VCH Camino – Identical to the VLC model apart from colour and graphics. Model can be identified by its grey seat and engine casings, and white headlamp casing, as opposed to the black items fitted to the VLC model.