Honda RA273

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Honda RA273
Honda RA273 Honda Collection Hall.jpg
Category Formula One
Constructor Honda
Predecessor RA272
Successor RA300
Technical specifications
Engine Honda RA273E 3 Litre V12
Tyres Goodyear (1966)
Firestone (1967)
Competition history
Notable entrants Honda Racing
Notable drivers United States Richie Ginther
United States Ronnie Bucknum
United Kingdom John Surtees
Debut 1966 Italian Grand Prix
n.b. Unless otherwise stated, all data refer to
Formula One World Championship Grands Prix only.

The Honda RA273 was a Formula One racing car used by the Honda team in the 1966 and 1967 Formula One seasons.

The engine was re-designed from the RA272's 1,500cc V12 to a brand new 3,000cc V12 due to the change of regulations before the 1966 season. The new engine was designed by Shoichiro Irimajiri.

Formula One World Championship results[edit]

(key) (Races in italics indicate fastest lap)

Year Entrant Engines Drivers Tyres 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 WDC Pts.
1966 Honda R & D Company Honda V12 G MON BEL FRA GBR NED GER ITA USA MEX 3 8th
Ronnie Bucknum Ret 8
Richie Ginther Ret NC 4
1967 Honda R & D Company Honda V12 F RSA MON NED BEL FRA GBR GER CAN ITA USA MEX 201 4th
John Surtees 3 Ret Ret Ret 6 4

1 Only 8 of the 20 points were scored with the Honda RA273; the remainder were scored with the Honda RA300

Non-Championship Formula One results[edit]


Year Entrant Engine Driver Tyres 1 2 3 4 5 6
1967 Honda R & D Company Honda V12 F ROC SPC INT SYR OUL ESP
John Surtees Ret 3

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