Honda Tadatoki

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Honda Tadatoki
1st Lord of Himeji-Shinden
In office
Preceded by none
Succeeded by Honda Masatomo
Personal details
Born (1596-05-11)May 11, 1596
Died June 30, 1626(1626-06-30) (aged 30)
Nationality Japanese
Spouse(s) Senhime
In this Japanese name, the family name is Honda.

Honda Tadatoki (本多 忠刻?, May 11, 1596 – June 30, 1626) was a Japanese daimyo of the early Edo period.

Tadatoki was born as the eldest son of Honda Tadamasa. His mother Kumahime was a granddaughter of Tokugawa Ieyasu and Oda Nobunaga.

In 1616, Tadatoki married Senhime, another granddaughter of Ieyasu, and who had been married to Toyotomi Hideyori before Hideyori's death the Siege of Osaka. As a dowry of his new bride, Tadatoki received 100,000 koku.

Tadatoki also sponsored the swordsman Miyamoto Musashi for a time. Musashi taught swordsmanship to Tadatoki's retainers; Musashi's adopted son Mikinosuke served Tadatoki as a page.

Tadatoki died of tuberculosis in 1626. Miyamoto Mikinosuke committed junshi soon afterward, choosing to follow his lord in death



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Preceded by
1st Lord of Himeji-Shinden
Succeeded by
Honda Masatomo