Honda Tadatomo

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Honda Tadatomo (本多 忠朝, 1582 – June 3, 1615) a retainer of the Japanese clan of Tokugawa following the Azuchi-Momoyama period of the 16th century to the Edo period of the 17th century of Japan. Tadatomo was the younger son of the famous Honda Tadakatsu, one of Four Guardians of the Tokugawa. Tadatomo received a 100,000-koku fief at Ōtaki in Kazusa Province following the year 1600. In the year 1609 Tadatomo received Don Rodrigo, who was the Spanish Governor of Manila.

During the year 1615, Tadatomo fought very valiantly during the Battle of Tennōji. He led an attack that led to the death of Mōri Katsunaga. Tadatomo himself did not survive the battle.