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Honda Wave
Honda Wave 125 S 2007.jpg
Also calledHonda NF series (codename)
Honda Innova (Europe)
Honda Supra/Revo (Indonesia)
PredecessorHonda Super Cub
Honda Dream EX5[citation needed]
Engine100/110/125 cc SOHC 2-valve 4-stroke, air-cooled, single cylinder
Transmission4-speed semi-automatic, wet multi-plate clutch, rotary shift
SuspensionFront: telescopic fork
Rear: swingarm with double shock absorber
Fuel capacity3.7 l (0.81 imp gal; 0.98 US gal) (100)
4 l (0.88 imp gal; 1.1 US gal) (110/125)
RelatedHonda Cub
Honda Grom

The Honda Wave – also marketed as the Honda NF series (codename), Honda Innova in Europe, and Honda Supra in Indonesia – are a series of motorcycles manufactured by Honda that debuted in 1995 with an underbone design, having separate cosmetic plastic body panels over a structural steel tube chassis. The Wave series succeeds the Super Cub which used pressed steel frame acting as both the structural chassis and cosmetic bodywork. It serves as the Southeast Asian model of the historic Honda Cub.

The Wave is available with three displacements - 100 cc, 110 cc and 125 cc. The 100 and 110 cc models' engine is physically similar size to the Cub engine, sharing mountings, while the 125 cc models use a larger engine, incompatible with the Cub and 100/110 mountings. In addition to the three models that use carburetors, Honda also produces the fuel-injected model starting in 2008 for 110 cc and 125 cc models. The 100 cc model was discontinued in 2008.

In 2006, the Wave received a facelift. In addition, the 125 cc model includes a key slot cover for better protection against theft. Starting from 2007, the Innova 125 in Europe began using fuel injection system to replace the carburetors used by most of the Wave series.

In Indonesia, the 110 cc model is marketed as the Honda Revo, and unlike the original Wave 110, it was not offered in the market until 2008, when it replaced the previous 100 cc model, known as Supra Fit.

Features of Honda Wave series[edit]

  • Fuel injection (Wave 110i and Wave 125i only). In Indonesia, fuel injection models is known as Revo FI and Supra X 125 FI, respectively.
  • Front disc brake (standard for 125 and 110, optional for 100)
  • Roller-bearing rocker arms to reduce friction at the rocker arms (125 cc model only)
  • Heavy-duty ceramic coated piston (125 cc model only)
  • Digital odometer and fuel tank (standard for certain pre 2013 125 cc models)
  • Gear shift indicator
  • Under-seat storage compartment (known as U-box by Honda)
  • Mounting points for front basket

Design rights issues[edit]

The Wave's simple design has been copied by manufacturers in China and elsewhere, to the point of parts interchangeability with the Wave. The Philippines National Bureau of Investigation, in response to a complaint filed by Honda, has conducted raids against several establishments selling clones of Honda motorcycles.[1][2]


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