Honduran Supercup

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Honduran Supercup
Founded 1997
Region Honduras
Number of teams 2
Current champions Motagua
Most successful club(s) Olimpia
(1 title each)

The Honduran Super Cup Is an Honduran football competition, hel as a game between the reigning champions of the Liga Nacional and the Honduran Cup (Now as the champions of Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Honduras and the Liga de Ascenso de Honduras. It started in 1997,[1] but was discontinued after just two seasons.Later they continued in 2013.


Season Champion Runner-up
1997 Olimpia Platense
1999 Motagua Platense
2015 TBD TBD

Titles by club[edit]

Rank Club Champion Runner-up
1 Olimpia 1 0
Motagua 1 0
3 Platense 0 2


In January 2015, the Honduran Secretary of State for Culture, Arts and Sports gathered with the Honduran League to discuss a possible reactivation of the competition in 2016.[2] An official Super Cup hasn't been played since 1999.

Other versions[edit]

In 2014, there were two exhibition versions of the tournament re-branded as Supercopa Diez, sponsored by local daily sports newspaper Diario Deportivo Diez.[3] These unofficial editions faced the champions of the Liga Nacional against the champions of the Liga de Ascenso.

Year Champion Result Runner up
2014 Honduras 2–1 Real España
2014 Olimpia 1–1 Honduras

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