Honest Don's Records

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Honest Don's Records
FounderFat Mike
GenrePunk rock
Country of originU.S.
LocationSan Francisco, California

Honest Don's Records was a subsidiary label based in San Francisco, California, set up along with Pink & Black Records by Fat Wreck Chords to release material by bands that didn't fit within the roster at Fat.

The label ceased trading around 2003 with the Nerf Herder EP "My E.P.". Some of the bands were absorbed into the Fat roster, whilst others moved on.


They released a number of albums, each of which would have a unique variant on the record labels name:[1]

Catalog # Band Title Honest Don's... Format
DON001 Diesel Boy Cock Rock Hardly Used Recordings LP/CD/CS
DON002 Dance Hall Crashers The Old Record Hardly Used Recordings LP/CD/CS
DON003 J Church The Drama of Alienation Hardly Used Recordings LP/CD/CS
DON004 Millions Dead Cops Featuring Pig Champion I Don't Want To Hurt You Dude, I Just Want My Shit Back 7"
DON005 The Other The Other Snug Fitting Trousers CD
DON006 Submissives An Anvil Will Wear Out Many A Hammer Badly Bruised Bottoms LP/CD
DON007 Mad Caddies Quality Soft Core Hardly Rude Recordings LP/CD
DON008 Limp Pop and Disorderly Fat Free Recordings LP/CD
DON009 The Riverdales Blood on the Ice Hardly Used Puckbags 7"
DON010 The Riverdales Storm the Streets Totally Beaten Brats LP/CD/CS
DON011 Various Artists Honest Don's Welcome Wagon 14 Step Program CD
DON012 Chixdiggit! Chupacabras Exhilarated Industry Experts 7"
DON013 Teen Idols Teen Idols Reliable Redneck Recordings LP/CD
DON014 Diesel Boy Venus Envy Fine Looking Fellows LP/CD
DON015 Hagfish Hagfish Lame Ass Recordings LP/CD
DON016 Chixdiggit! Born on the First of July Canadian Passport Recordings LP/CD
DON017 Fluf Road Rage Brown Trout Surprise LP/CD
DON018 Various Artists Greatest Shits Crazy Crappin' Clowns CD
DON019 Limp Guitarded Ass, Gas or Grass... LP/CD
DON020 Me First & The Gimme Gimmes Elton Wammie Winning Jerks 7"
DON021 Dogpiss Eine Kleine Punkmusik Had My Wife LP/CD
DON022 Teen Idols Pucker Up Juvenile Jailbird Recordings LP/CD
DON023 Various Artists Return Of The Read Menace Really Revolutionary Recordings CD
DON024 The Muffs Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow M-M-Good Recordings LP/CD
DON025 Diesel Boy Sofa King Cool Short Haired Dogs LP/CD
DON026 Teen Idols and Spread It Found A Voice Foreign Trade Agreement CD
DON027 Nerf Herder How to Meet Girls Corn Dog Emporium CD
DON028 Chixdiggit! From Scene to Shining Scene Deep Deep Pockets LP/CD
DON029 J Church One Mississippi Strictly Analog Recordings LP/CD
DON030 Teen Idols Full Leather Jacket Whitetrash Ass Whoopin' LP/CD
DON031 Bad Astronaut Acrophobe Sci-Fidelity Recordings CD
DON032 Big In Japan Destroy The New Rock Tough Guy Factory LP/CD
DON034 Diesel Boy Rode Hard and Put Away Wet Teen Pop Divas LP/CD
DON035 Inspection 12 In Recovery Barely Legal Recordings LP/CD
DON036 Citizen Fish Life Size Old English Recordings LP/CD
DON037 The Real McKenzies Loch'd and Loaded Kilt Wearin' Punks' CD
DON038 Limp Limp Done Dirt Cheap LP/CD
DON039 Various Artists Dirty Dishes Steamin' Hot Licks CD
DON040 Nerf Herder American Cheese Fried Cheese On-A-Stick CD
DON041 Bad Astronaut Houston: We Have a Drinking Problem 12 Small Steps CD
DON042 Squirtgun Fade To Bright Wacky Water Pistols LP/CD
DON044 The Real McKenzies Oot & Aboot Sheep Shaggin' Recordings LP/CD
DON045 Nerf Herder My E.P. Wasted Gnome Rock CD


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