Honey (band)

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Origin Chicago, Illinois
Genres Christian rock, ambient rock, alternative rock, pop rock
Years active 1995 – 2001
Labels Sub•Lime Records, Northern Records
Associated acts Cush
Past members Doug Moss, Billy Wan, Roger Moss, Paul Lagestee

Honey was a Christian, ambient rock band composed of Doug Moss, Paul Lagestee, Billy Wan, and Roger Moss. The band recorded three albums between 1997 and 2001.[1] The first two, Lovely and Lost on You, were released on the now-defunct Sub•Lime Records. Their third album, aptly titled Three, was released by Northern Records. The first effort was produced by Christian alt/rock legend Steve Hindalong and was characterised by a rough, guitar-driven sound. For their second effort, production credits were diverse but significant with Jars of Clay's Dan Haseltine and Stephen Mason lending a hand as well as The Prayer Chain alumni Eric Campuzano and Wayne Everett. The result was a more approachable sound that was at once extraordinarily mellow and enormously engaging. As a departure from their first album, the work could be described as a "concept worship album".[2] Indeed, many songs read as abstract praises of God. With their third album, Honey made a strong musical departure, moving to an up-tempo, alt/pop flavour. Thematically, the focus moved from theology to what could be described as "a soundtrack to a wistful, longing, romantic love life".[3] They disbanded soon after the release of Three.


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