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Studio album by
Released26 October 2018 (2018-10-26)
  • Apmamman, Stockholm
  • Shelter, Paris
  • Pigalle, Paris
  • Strongrooms, London
  • Futur De l'Audiovisuel, Paris
  • Konichiwa, Stockholm
  • 123, Peckham
  • Tophat, Stockholm
  • Houses in Los Angeles and Ibiza
Robyn chronology
Love Is Free
Singles from Honey
  1. "Missing U"
    Released: 1 August 2018
  2. "Honey"
    Released: 26 September 2018
  3. "Send to Robin Immediately"
    Released: 15 February 2019
  4. "Between the Lines"
    Released: 3 April 2019
  5. "Ever Again"
    Released: 17 June 2019

Honey is the eighth studio album by Swedish singer Robyn, and her first since Body Talk (2010).[3] It was released on 26 October 2018 through Konichiwa, Island Records and Interscope Records.[3] It features the singles "Missing U", "Honey" (a version of which originally featured in the final season of the HBO series Girls in 2017),[4] and "Send to Robin Immediately", which also served as part of the promotional campaign for the singer's clothing line collaboration with Björn Borg.[5][6]

The album features collaborations with Joseph Mount of Metronomy, Klas Åhlund, Adam Bainbridge, Mr. Tophat, and Zhala.[3] It has been called a "significant departure from the hooky, sparkling electro-pop" of the Body Talk series of albums.[7]

Background, writing and recording[edit]

Robyn began work on the album in 2015 following the death of close friend and collaborator Christian Falk and the breakup of a relationship.[7] Early on, she reached out to Joseph Mount of Metronomy, and they kept collaborating beyond the expected one-off session.[7] Mount said he had to adjust to Robyn's "emotional transparency" while writing, understanding over time that it is "integral to what she does".[7]

Robyn has stated that the album, recorded in part at studios in Stockholm, London, Paris, New York and Ibiza, features "much more production work on my end".[8] She also said the album represents "this sweet place, like a very soft ecstasy. [...] I danced a lot when I was making it. I found a sensuality and a softness that I don't think I was able to use in the same way before. Everything just became softer."[3] Robyn initially began working on the record alone, which she said allowed her to be more sensual.[9] The album was named for its "glowing, transcendent" title track, which The New York Times has called Robyn's "masterpiece".[7]

Robyn created the demo for "Missing U" in the summer 2014 on her laptop along with a LinnDrum machine and a software synth.[2] She noted that the lyrics for the song took 2 years to complete, before finishing them with producers Joseph Mount and Klas Åhlund.[2]


Robyn became more involved in the production of Honey than she had been on her previous albums, including making beats herself.[7] This resulted in sounds including what The New York Times called "outré future pop" on the track "Human Being", "sensual throb" on "Baby Forgive Me" and "playful '90s house" on "Between the Lines".[7] The song "Send to Robin Immediately" samples the 1989 house track "French Kiss" by Lil Louis, which was the idea of English musician Adam Bainbridge, better known as Kindness.[7] Pitchfork writer Jason King notes the album is a "breathless, existential post-disco record".[2]


Robyn announced she was working on a new album in February 2018 and teased new music throughout the year; she even appeared at one of the regular Robyn-themed dance events hosted at the Brooklyn Bowl, where she played "Honey" in full for the first time.[10] At the Red Bull Music Festival in New York in May 2018, Robyn stated: "With this album I've gone more back into the softer I get, the more it happens, and the more colors and dynamic a song gets. And for me, that meant shutting down for awhile and being sparse with my impressions and sensitive to what I needed."[8]

The album was officially announced by Robyn in a video message posted to her social media accounts in September 2018. She explained, "It's a personal album, and there are so many things that happened throughout making it that it's really hard for me to explain in one go. I think the best way is for you to listen to it."[9] On 24 September, Robyn revealed the track listing.[11] The full version of "Honey" was premiered by Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 on 26 September,[12] and was made available as a two-track single online the same day[13] along with the album becoming available to pre-order.[14]

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Review scores
AllMusic4.5/5 stars[16]
The Daily Telegraph5/5 stars[17]
The Guardian5/5 stars[18]
The Independent4/5 stars[19]
The Irish Times4/5 stars[1]
NME4/5 stars[20]
Q4/5 stars[22]
Rolling Stone4.5/5 stars[23]
The Times4/5 stars[24]

On review aggregator Metacritic, Honey has received a score of 89 based on 22 reviews from critics, indicating "universal acclaim".[15] Stacey Anderson of Pitchfork rated the album 8.5 out of 10, giving it the distinction of "Best New Music", and called it an "enthralling record" that "carries the sheen of being created on purely individual terms, on a singular timeline". Anderson said that Honey "builds a bridge from its predecessor, the bionic Body Talk, into a place of new conviction and warmth", with Robyn presenting musical ideas "in a way that makes her resolutions feel both instinctive and deeply traveled; melodies and emotions resolve simultaneously, slowly, and imperfectly, without editorialized conclusions".[21] In the review for AllMusic, Heather Phares gave the album 4.5 stars out of 5, claiming "Robyn continues to make the trends instead of following them, and with Honey, she enters her forties with some of her most emotionally satisfying and musically innovative music."[16]

In a capsule review for Vice, Robert Christgau gave the album a three-star honourable mention ((3-star Honorable Mention)(3-star Honorable Mention)(3-star Honorable Mention)) and lamented "how I wish she was the pop sparkplug, club buddy, big sister, and strong lover of the glorious old Body Talk trilogy, but either she doesn't have the hooks anymore or she thinks she's beyond them"; "Missing U" and "Between the Lines" were cited as highlights.[25]


Publication Accolade Rank Ref.
BrooklynVegan 50 Best Albums of 2018 9 [26]
Exclaim! The Top 20 Pop & Rock Albums of 2018 2 [27]
Noisey The 100 Best Albums of 2018 6 [28]
Pitchfork The 50 Best Albums of 2018 4 [29]
Rolling Stone 50 Best Albums of 2018 45 [30]
Time The 10 Best Albums of 2018 6 [31]

Track listing[edit]

1."Missing U"
  • Mount
  • Åhlund
  • Robyn[a]
2."Human Being" (featuring Zhala)
  • Robyn
  • Mount
3."Because It's in the Music"
  • Robyn
  • Mount
  • Åhlund
  • Mount
  • Åhlund
4."Baby Forgive Me"
  • Robyn
  • Rudolf Nordström
  • Mount
  • Mr. Tophat
5."Send to Robin Immediately"Bainbridge3:59
  • Robyn
  • Åhlund
  • Markus Jägerstedt
  • Mount
  • Åhlund
  • Robyn[a]
7."Between the Lines"
  • Robyn
  • Åhlund
  • Åhlund
  • Robyn[a]
8."Beach 2k20"
  • Robyn
  • Nordström
  • Mount
  • Åhlund
Mr. Tophat5:29
9."Ever Again"
  • Robyn
  • Mount
Total length:40:23


  • ^[a] signifies a co-producer.
  • Lyrics of "Missing U" partly inspired by "Arvet" by Bruno K Öijer.
  • "Send to Robin Immediately" contains a sample of "French Kiss" by Lil Louis.


Credits adapted from the liner notes of Honey.[32]


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