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Honey Barbara is an American rock band from San Antonio, Texas.[1][2]


The band is characterised by its distinctive sound. In reviews, its music has been described as progressive, moody, atmospheric and hypnotic. Combining this with its ethnic sound, the band could be regarded as a prime example of neo-psychedelica. The band's music has been released by the Emigre type foundry; the album I-10 & W. AVE. was part of issue 60 of the Emigre magazine, along with a magazine featuring typographic projects.

Honey Barbara “Wave Grass” (Gifted Amateur Recordings) released 11 May 2015.

The album "Wave Grass" finds the band Honey Barbara exploring a mix of pure instrumentals with a sprinkling of tracks that feature vocals.

The surprisingly close, tactile-and, then again dynamic-nature of the acoustic and electric instrumentation resonates well with wholesome sounds and deja-vu-like reverberations that reveal here a country, or there a psychedelic accent all woven in together.

Core members James Sidlo (guitars, etc.), Ross Marlow (vocals, keyboards), and Terry Orff (bass) are joined by Dan Tellez (formerly of Aqua Pedestrian) on guitar and Robert Potter (formerly of Pulsating Love Flower) on drums.

Additional musicians, as well, join the band on various tracks to further extend the album's sound.

Band members on "Wave Grass"[edit]

Current band members:

  • James H. Sidlo: electric and acoustic stringed instruments.
  • Ross Marlow: vocals, keyboards, bass and percussion
  • Terrence Orff: bass guitar
  • Dan Tellez: electric and acoustic guitars
  • Robert Potter: drums and percussion

Past and present band members are:



  • FeedLotLoopHole (Emigre Records, 1993)
  • I-10 & W. AVE. (Emigre, 2001)
  • Wave Grass (Gifted Amateur Recordings 2015)

Tracks also appear on Emigre music sampler releases.


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