Honey dill

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Honey dill sauce
Greetalia Honey Dill Sauce.jpg
Bottled Greetalia Honey Dill Sauce
Place of originCanada
Region or stateWinnipeg, Manitoba
Main ingredientsMayonnaise, honey, and dried dill.

Honey dill is a condiment consisting of honey, mayonnaise, and dried dill that is unique to Manitoba, Canada. It is often used as a dipping sauce for chicken fingers as well as for sweet potato fries.[1] The sauce was mistakenly invented at Mitzi's Chicken Finger Restaurant in downtown Winnipeg.[2] The restaurant specialized in chicken fingers, the meal for which the sauce is mostly used. Its owner had tried to copy a different recipe by taste from another restaurant, but got the recipe wrong.[1] The accidental sauce was so popular at the restaurant that it took off locally in the province. President's Choice marketed a brand nationally, however sales outside Manitoba were too slow. Today most production is done by a local Winnipeg producer or in-house at restaurants.[1]


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