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Honeychurch is a band from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Music journals such as The Big Takeover and No Depression have described Honeychurch's music as a mix of indie rock, alternative country, and slowcore, with strong influences from 1960s and 1970s psychedelic and folk rock[1][2][3] .[4] Honeychurch has released three critically acclaimed albums: Calling Me Home (2001), Makes Me Feel Better (2004), and Will You Be There With Me (2012).


The band was originally the solo project of Virginia-born Shilough Hopwood (singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter). Shilough wrote many of the tracks on the band's 2004 release, Makes Me Feel Better.[5] Larissa Hopwood joined in 1999. She plays bass and sings both lead and harmony vocals. Lead guitarist Tim Kratz joined Honeychurch in 2001, and with his presence, the live band took shape. Kratz's playing combined slide guitar and B-Bender techniques and is often mistaken for pedal steel. Drummer Greg Millward joined Honeychurch in 2004, replacing Stefan Baker. A native of Doncaster, England (in Yorkshire), Millward started playing drums in the brass bands which are traditional in Northern England, and also played in Thumper and other groups in England before joining Honeychurch in 2004. Since 2008, Alex Yaker (frontman for the band Roomtone) has played piano with Honeychurch both at live shows and in the studio, and Ivan Funk joined the band on pedal steel in 2012.

Honeychurch's albums were released with the help of independent record store Siren Records in Doylestown, PA. The band was named one of Philadelphia Weekly's Top 5 of the Moment in March 2001[6] and they've continued to garner significant attention in the Philadelphia area.[7] In 2012, Big Takeover editor Jack Rabid named "Will You Be There With Me" the #5 best record of the year.[8]


  • Calling Me Home (2001)
  • Makes Me Feel Better (2004)
  • Early Times (2008)
  • Will You Be There With Me (2012)


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