Honeymoon in Bali

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Honeymoon In Bali
Honeymoon in Bali film poster.jpg
Directed byEdward H. Griffith
Written byVirginia Van Upp (screenplay)
Katharine Brush
Grace Sartwell Mason
StarringFred MacMurray
Madeleine Carroll
Akim Tamiroff
Edited byEda Warren
Distributed byParamount Pictures
Release date
September 29, 1939
Running time
95 min
CountryUnited States

Honeymoon in Bali is a 1939 American romantic comedy film. It is also known by the alternative titles Husbands or Lovers and My Love for Yours. Virginia Van Upp's screenplay was based on the short stories "Our Miss Keane" by Grace Sartwell Mason in The Saturday Evening Post of May 24, 1923, and "Free Woman" by Katharine Brush in Redbook magazine of November–December 1936. In 1936 Paramount announced a film of Our Miss Keane to star Merle Oberon to be produced.[1]


On a rainy April afternoon in New York City, the head of a major department store, Gail Allen, meets her second cousin and best friend Lorna for afternoon tea. Her cousin, an author of love stories set in the South Seas, invites a resident fortune teller to predict Gail's future. At first the reading sounds like a hundred others, until she foresees her having a child and meeting a man whose arm was cut by a native's rice knife.

The fortune teller predicts as Neptune is in her sign at the moment she could find herself walking down a street and taking an unexpected turn where things would change. Thinking that her career will come first, Gail does not like her predicted future but finds herself taking an unexpected turn that takes her into a shop that sells sailboats. There she meets Bill Burnett who lives in Bali and is holidaying in New York. Beginning with Bill's injury from a native's rice knife, all of the predictions eventually come to pass.



A review from The Washington Post, on October 5, 1939, says "'Honeymoon in Bali' Is Delightfully Easy To Take!" The Los Angeles Times review from October 13, 1939, says "'Honeymoon in Bali' Light, Romantic Comedy." Hollywood In Bali got 6.8 out of 10 on IMDB.com.

Alternate names[edit]


"There's not a wall between freedom and loneliness, you can fall into it without warning" - Lorna[non-primary source needed]


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