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AGT1500 engine and M1 tank.JPEG
U.S. Marines load an AGT1500 engine back into an M1A1 Abrams tank at Camp Coyote, Kuwait in February 2003.
Type Turboshaft gas turbine
National origin United States
Manufacturer Lycoming Engines
Honeywell Aerospace
Major applications M1 Abrams

The Honeywell AGT1500 is a gas turbine engine. It is the main powerplant of the M1 Abrams series of tanks. The engine was originally designed and produced by the Lycoming Turbine Engine Division in the Stratford Army Engine Plant. In 1995, production was moved to the Anniston Army Depot in Anniston, Alabama, after the Stratford Army Engine Plant was shut down.[1]

Engine output peaks at 1,500 hp (1,120 kW), with 2768 lb-ft (3754 N-m) of torque at that peak,[2] which occurs at 3,000 rpm.[3] Maximum torque of 3950 lb-ft (5355 N-m)[4] is reached at 1,000 rpm.[5]

The engine can use a variety of fuels, including jet fuel, gasoline, diesel and marine diesel.[2]

In the early 1970s, the AGT1500 was developed into the PLT27, a flight-weight turboshaft for use in helicopters. This engine lost to the General Electric GE12 (T700) in three separate competitions to power the UH-60, AH-64, and SH-60.[6]


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