Honeywell FX5

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The FX5 was a Honeywell 6,000lb-thrust (27kN) geared turbofan based on a technology demonstrator core, aiming for a 20%-plus reduction in cost of ownership from the TFE731-60 and to span a 3,000–8,000 lbf (13–36 kN) family, it could have been certificated within 36 months.[1] It was proposed for the Dassault Falcon 7X business jet launched in 2001, but the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307 was finally selected. The Honeywell range comprises the previous 6,700–7,500 lbf (30–33 kN) Lycoming ALF502/Honeywell LF507 and the subsequent 6,540–7,550 lbf (29.1–33.6 kN) Honeywell HTF7000.


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