Hong Gil-dong (Korean thief)

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Hong Gil-dong
Hangul 홍길동
Hanja 洪吉童 or 洪吉同
Revised Romanization Hong Gil-dong
McCune–Reischauer Hong Kil-tong

Hong Gil-dong (Hangul홍길동; Hanja洪吉同; 1440 – 1510?) was a Korean outlaw during the Joseon Dynasty.[1]

The Actual Hong Gildong (洪吉同)[edit]

Hong Gildong (洪吉同) was born in the village of Achisil in Agok-ri, Jangseong county, Jeolla province, and was the illegitimate son (孽子) of Hong Sangjik (洪尙直), and the illegitimate grandson of Hong Jing (洪徵). Hong Gildong, in the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, was recorded to be born around the year 1443, or the 25th year of the reign of Sejong (世宗 25年), and to have deceased around the year 1510, or the 5th year of the reign of Jungjong (中宗 5年). Hong Gildong's name in Chinese characters (漢字) is 洪吉同, unlike the spelling in He Gyun's (許筠) Tale of Hong Gildong (洪吉童傳), which is 洪吉童 of the same pronunciation.

In the year 1500 (燕山 6年), Hong Gildong was captured for his robberies.

The Character from the Novel (洪吉童)[edit]

The novel Tale of Hong Gildong (洪吉童傳) and fictional character (written 洪吉童) are based on Hong Gil-dong's story. His half brother, Hong Il-dong, was a politician.


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