Hong Jun-pyo

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This is a Korean name; the family name is Hong.
Korean name
Hangul 홍준표
Revised Romanization Hong Jun-pyo
McCune–Reischauer Hong Jun-pyo

Hong Jun-pyo (born December 5, 1954) is a South Korean politician, former prosecutor and the governor of South Gyeongsang Province. He was formerly the chairperson of the Saenuri Party (then Grand National Party). He stepped down as the chairperson in December 9, 2011.[1] He was born in Changnyeong. South Gyeongsang Province. Hong graduated in Yeungnam High School[2] and later pursuit in his studies in Public Administration at Korea University.

Political Orientation[edit]

Hong Jun-pyo is known to have strong right-wing conservative characteristics. [3]


His proposals of reforming the Saenuri Party (then Grand National Party) was met with resistance from the reformists.[4]


On Park Won-soon[edit]

  • On October 20, 2011, Hong criticized Park Won-soon's The Beautiful Foundation (아름다운재단) for sending money to left-wing citizen groups.[5]
  • Hong was known to have generated much criticism against Park Won-soon, about Park's possible allegation of extorting tax money for his oversea visits.[6]

On the former Grand National Party[edit]

  • He considered to rename the Grand National Party to another name after Park Won-soon has won the October 2011 election.[7]

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