Hong Kong Action Theatre!

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Hong Kong Action Theatre! is a role-playing game first published by Event Horizon Productions in 1996, and a second edition published by Guardians of Order in 2001.


The second edition of Hong Kong Action Theatre! uses the Tri-Stat System.

In the damage system from Hong Kong Action Theatre!, the margin of success of both attacker and defender determines whether the attack deals 100% damage, 50% damage, or completely misses.

Publication history[edit]

The small-press company Event Horizon Productions published Gareth-Michael Skarka's Hong Kong Action Theatre! in 1996.[1]:336 In 2000, Guardians of Order acquired Event Horizon Productions, and published a Tri-Stat conversion of Hong Kong Action Theatre! in 2001, which expanded the Tri-Stat system in ways appropriate for its genre.[1]:336 The White Wolf imprint ArtHaus acquired some of the assets of Guardians or Order during the latter company's 2006 bankruptcy, and held the rights to Hong Kong Action Theatre among other games.[1]:228



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