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Hong Kong Australians
Total population
86,886 (by birth, 2016 census)[1] (excluding descendants who were born in Australia, and first-generation immigrants who were born elsewhere)
Regions with significant populations
Cantonese, Standard Mandarin, English
Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian or Non-religious; Roman Catholic, Protestant, Others.

Hong Kong Australians are Australian citizens or permanent residents of Hong Kong descent. Many Hong Kong Australians hold dual citizenship of Australia and Hong Kong.


Hong Kong people are generally bilingual or trilingual. Nearly everyone in Hong Kong from the younger generations can speak English. Cantonese is the language of people in Hong Kong. Most of the older generation of Hongkongese cannot speak Mandarin. Since 1997, more young generation in Hong Kong can speak Mandarin, due to efforts by the PRC government to increase the use of Standard Mandarin across China and to reduce the use of other Sinitic languages or dialects.[citation needed]

Hong Kong people can come from a variety of ethnicities. The Hong Kong ethnicity is itself very ambiguous and is mixed up with the other ethnicities of China, especially with the people from Guangdong. Hong Kong ethnicity was originally just a subgroup of Guangdong ethnicity, itself a subgroup of Han Chinese ethnicity. Nowadays, the idea of a distinct Hong Kong identity and ethnicity is becoming popular among supporters of Hong Kong Independence.


People born in Hong Kong as a percentage of the population in Sydney divided geographically by postal area, as of the 2011 census.

According to the 2016 Australian census, 86,886 Australians were born in Hong Kong;[1] a figure that would exclude first-generation immigrants from Hong Kong who were born elsewhere, as well as descendants of immigrants who were born in Australia. The corresponding figure on ancestry was not collected.[2]

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