Hong Kong Cancer Fund

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Hong Kong Cancer Fund
Founder Sally Lo
Type Charitable institution
Focus Free Cancer Consultation, Cancer Services, Cancer Support
Area served
Hong Kong
Method Free services to anyone touched by cancer their 5 CancerLink support centres and Cancer Patient Resource Centres in 7 hospitals in Hong Kong. Support cancer research projects and improve hospital environment.
Website cancer-fund.org

Hong Kong Cancer Fund was established in 1987 with a mission to better the quality of cancer support in Hong Kong. It is the largest cancer support organisation in Hong Kong providing free information and professional services to anyone living with or affected by cancer. Their five Cancer Fund support centres called CancerLink provide professional counselling, nursing consultation, dietetic service, home care service, wellness programmes, therapeutic and rehabilitation workshops, as well as age and need specific services such as You Can for young adults with cancer and Rainbow Club for children affected by their parents diagnosed with cancer. Their hotline (852 3656 0800) provides immediate emotional support and professional guidance daily. All services are free.

Cancer Fund also partner with the Hospital Authority to establish Cancer Patient Resource Centre (CPRC) to provide in-hospital resource centre for anyone diagnosed with cancer. CPRC are located in Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, United Christian Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Queen Mary hospital and Tuen Mun Hospital.

Cancer Fund's work also encompasses public education, cancer research, peer support, funding of hospital equipment and filing the gaps in cancer care. Its motto is “So no one faces cancer alone”.

Hong Kong Cancer Fund is a registered charitable institution.


Hong Kong Cancer Fund was established in 1987 to provide support, information and care to those living with cancer, and to increase awareness and knowledge of cancer in the community. It began with CanSurvive – a bilingual support group that meets regularly to share experiences and gain support from each other. As the demand for additional cancer support continued to grow, Cancer Fund worked alongside some of the early support groups, such as New Horizon, New Voice, Hong Kong Stoma Association and others to expand the network. Recognising the need for a centralised meeting point to be shared amongst the various self-help groups, the concept of creating a Cancer Fund’s support centre, CancerLink, was born in 1997.

The first centre in Wong Tai Sin was dedicated to the late Princess Diana, who provided encouragement and support to the establishment of the service. The centre housed peer support groups, provided choices to patients in their healing process, counselling service, nurse consultation, courses to cope with cancer, equipment loads, holistic therapies, hotline and a well-stocked library.

The second CancerLink was opened in 2006 in Central, Hong Kong. The third CancerLink was opened in 2011 in Tin Shui Wai. The fourth CancerLink was opened in 2016 in Kwai Chung.

CancerLink Location[edit]

CancerLink Jockey Club Support Centre, Kwai Chung

Address 3/F, TLP132,

132-134 Tai Lin Pai Road,

Kwai Chung, New Territories

Hotline 3667 3232
Opening hour Monday to Tuesday, Thursday to Saturday: 9am-6pm

Wednesday: 9am-10pm

Sunday & Public holidays: Closed

CancerLink Support Centre, Central

Address Unit 5, Ground Floor,

The Center, 99 Queen’s Road Central

Hong Kong

Hotline 3667 3131
Opening hour Monday to Saturday: 9am-6pm

Sunday & Public holidays: Closed

CancerLink Support Centre, North Point

Address Room 2201-03, 22/F,

China United Centre, 28 Marble Road,

North Point, Hong Kong

Hotline 3667 3030
Opening hour Monday to Saturday: 9am-6pm

Sunday & Public holidays: Closed

CancerLink Support Centre, Tin Shui Wai

Address Shop No. 201C, 2/F
Phase 2, Fortune Kingswood
12-18 Tin Yan Road
Tin Shui Wai
Hotline 3919 7000
Opening hour Monday to Thursday & Saturday: 9am to 6pm
Friday : 9am to 10pm
Sunday & Public holidays : Closed

CancerLink Support Centre, Wong Tai Sin

Address Unit 2-8, Wing C, G/F, Lung Cheong House
Lower Wong Tai Sin (II) Estate
Hotline 3656 0800
Opening hour Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 9am-10pm

Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: 9am-6pm

Sunday & Public holidays: Closed

CancerLink - Hong Kong Cancer Fund Service Center Logo CancerLink - Hong Kong Cancer Fund Service Center Office


Hong Kong Cancer Fund relies solely on public generosity to sustain their free cancer support services. They do not receive money from the government or the Community Chest.

Services and Activities[edit]


Provides immediate emotional support and professional guidance to people touched by cancer. Oncology nurses and social workers are on call to evaluate needs, answer questions and give appropriate advice and practical support.

Professional Counselling[edit]

Registered social workers and clinical psychologists help people with cancer and their family members better understand their current condition, deal with depression and emotional problems, provide a suitable channel for them to discuss sensitive topics and explore solutions.

Nursing consultation and dietetic services[edit]

Oncology nurses explain to cancer patients their condition and what to expect through one-one sessions. Dietician provides assessment and treatment of dietary and nutritional problems, with medical nutritional therapy to help patients to cope with complications.
Hong Kong Cancer Fund Information Seminar

Rainbow Club[edit]

Helps children aged 5 to 15 whose family member has been diagnosed, or who has lost someone to cancer through playful activities and professional support.

YOU CAN[edit]

Meet the unique needs of young adults aged 18 to 40 diagnosed with cancer.

Peer support[edit]

Over 20 groups with people with a similar diagnosis can openly share their experiences and concerns.

Home care programme[edit]

Practical and emotional supports are provided to homebound cancer patients who live alone. Staff and volunteers make home visits, help to shop for groceries, prepare meals and escort patients to and from hospital.
CancerLink Taking Care Services

Wellness programme and therapeutic workshops[edit]

Help cancer patients to relax, tackle negative emotions, relieve stress and restore confidence through yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, horticulture, music and art therapy.

Rehabilitation workshops[edit]

A range of practical courses on qigong, healthy eating and cooking, aromatherapy, pain management, diet and nutrition workshops are provided to enhance patients’ quality of life.

Key Public Education Campaigns[edit]

Colorectal cancer awareness: Early colorectal cancer has no symptoms and can o unnoticed. A simple and regular check-up can effectively prevent colorectal cancer and offer peace of mind. http://www.cancer-fund.org/colorectal/html/eng/index.html

Skin cancer awareness: Sunburn is more than just painful. It can also cause skin cancer. Be SunSmart. http://www.cancer-fund.org/sunsmart/Eng/index.html

Breast cancer awareness: Finding breast cancer early means that you have more treatment options and a better chance of survival. Check, check check. Early detection saves lives. http://pink.cancer-fund.org/en/

Prostate cancer awareness: Are you the 1 in 29? 1 in 29 men are at risk of prostate cancer. Get checked. http://www.cancer-fund.org/prostate/eng/index.html

Key Fundraising Events[edit]

DIY fundraising campaign Donors can create a personalised fundraising page to raise funds to support Cancer Fund. Donations will be received through the internet. http://www.cancer-fund.org/en/fundraising.html

Cancer statistics in Hong Kong[edit]

In 2012, over 27,000 people are newly diagnosed with cancer in Hong Kong. Among men, lung and colorectal cancers are most common, with prostate cancer on the rise. Among women, breast and colorectal cancers are most common, followed by lung cancer.

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